Ox Notes: August 4, 2008

Good news, So You Think You Can Dance fans: Fox has officially picked up the series for a fifth season, which will air next summer. TV Guide has an interview with the dancers eliminated last Thursday, Chelsie and Mark.

Dancing with the Stars pro Cheryl Burke told E! that the odds of Lance Bass dancing with a male partner in Season 7 are pretty slim.

In other DwtS news, Shannon Elizabeth reportedly turned down a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, Derek Hough. And former DwtS pro, Nick Kosovich, recently taught a seminar in Sarasota Springs, NY.

An article in the Boston Globe investigated why Americans seem increasingly content to watch dancing on TV, instead of going out dancing themselves.

SAG leaders say they are still trying to work out a contract between actors and the studios, although through back channels rather than formal meetings.

TV Guide interviewed Jon Hamm, who says he’s nowhere near as stylish as Don Draper, the character he plays on Mad Men.

There’s a debate in the MOIB household as to whether we should keep watching the entire second season of Mad Men on our basic cable connection, or 1) upgrade to an HD package and watch it weekly, with commercials, 2) download the series from iTunes every week, and watch it without commercials, or 3) wait until the season is over, buy the Blu-Ray DVD, and watch it as a marathon, as we did with the first season.

After reading this analysis of last night’s episode, I’m leaning toward option 3. The article pointed out a detail from the previous episode that I’d already forgotten about, which made me think that I might be better off watching the shows in quick succession, rather than waiting a week in between episodes.

What do you think we should do? Are there any shows you prefer to watch on DVD, instead of week-to-week?