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Ox Notes: August 18, 2008

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, professional dancers Julianne and Derek Hough will both participate in the seventh season of Dancing with the Stars. Julianne’s role will also expand to include some singing, although the article doesn’t specify in what context the budding country music star will perform.

Derek Hough and fellow DwtS pro Mark Ballas recently had their belongings stolen from a van parked outside of an Outback Steakhouse in Minnesota, where they were dining with Kristi Yamaguchi.

The first eight days of the 2008 Summer Olympics were watched by 185 million people, putting the Beijing Games on course to be the most watched Olympics ever.

People interviewed the most recently auf’d Project Runway designer, Kelli, who has nothing but bad things to say about her partner in the losing challenge, Daniel.

The Los Angeles Times has an interview with Bonnie Hunt about her new syndicated daytime talk show. launches on August 27 with reruns of popular shows like Friends and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as well as new shows created just for the website. One of those new shows is Downers Grove, presumably named after the Chicago suburb responsible for Denise Richards and comedian Emo Phillips, who wrote the song, "I Like to Shop in Downtown Downers Grove."

Friday’s episode of The Soup featured a clip from The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet in which a picture of a cat eating spaghetti was accidentally inserted into an otherwise serious segment. Relive the hilarity here.

Ox Notes: August 15, 2008

ABC is in hot water over a memo that seemingly encourages its producers to find ways to avoid paying licensing fees for international show formats. The network has had much success adapting U.K. shows for American audiences, including Wife Swap, Supernanny, and, of course, Dancing with the Stars.

Reality Blurred kept an eye on the workroom clock during the most recent episode of Project Runway. Based on the times shown on the clock during different segments, there’s an awful lot of editing that takes place before an episode ever makes it to air.

Variety has an article about the nominees in the Emmy category of Best Reality Show Host.

Despite Moonlight‘s cancellation, Alex O’Loughlin has signed a talent holding deal with CBS.

Barry Bostwick, who played Brad in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, thinks remaking the cult classic is a bad idea.

There are a number of new items up for bid at Clothes Off Our Backs, the celebrity charity auction site, including a maternity shirt worn by Dancing with the Stars co-host Samantha Harris.

Speaking of DwtS, ESPN’s Patrick Hruby marvels that the International Olympic Committee hasn’t made ballroom dancing an Olympic sport yet, given the enormous popularity of ballroom dancing shows in countries around the world.

In case you’d like to plan your weekend around Olympic viewing, you can find the television schedule at NBC’s official Olympics website.

I plan on spending a little quality time at Quigley’s Pub this weekend, watching some of the matches from the opening weekend of English Premier League soccer, decked out in my new Liverpool jersey (my final birthday present). You’ll never walk alone!

Ox Notes: August 14, 2008

My favorite Dancing with the Stars 7 rumor thus far has 80-year-old Adam West — TV’s Batman joining the cast. West also starred in the awful film Zombie Nightmare, which prompted one of my favorite Mystery Science Theater 3000 comments, regarding the slow-ambling title character: "John Goodman on Hume Cronyn’s back could outrun this guy."

Speaking of MST3K, EW has an article about a new project by Joel Hodgson and the other refugees from the Satellite of Love, called Cinematic Titanic. The new show, available on DVD, is pretty much the same as MST3K, only without robots.

Variety reviewed Top Chef: The Tour.

Olympian Michael Phelps spends his downtime watching the nature documentary Planet Earth on DVD. He has good taste.

In other Olympic news, People reports that soccer superstar David Beckham will take part in the closing ceremonies, presumably taking the torch on behalf of London, host of the 2012 Games.

According to Variety, TV critics, who normally spend August reviewing advanced copies of pilots of new fall shows, are freaking out because they have nothing to review. The writers strike earlier this year put production behind schedule, meaning that networks will likely be tweaking their premiere episodes until the last minute.

The New York Observer has an article about the real star of Gossip Girl, 15-year-old Taylor Momsen. The CW created a Season 1 highlight reel to catch viewers up on the major plot points before the second season premieres on September 1:

Ox Notes: August 13, 2008

The Beverly Hills, 90210 remake is down one star from the original series. Tori Spelling couldn’t settle on terms with the show’s producers, and has pulled out of the new series. Spelling was reportedly offered less money per episode than her fellow original 90210 co-stars, Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty. Garth told EW that she’s "bummed" by the news.

Fellow Beverly Hills, 90210 alum, Ian Ziering, told People that reprising Steve Sanders for the new series "might be a step backwards" for his career.

Dancing with the Stars apparently has a limit on the number of celebrities with reality shows on E! allowed in each season, because Denise Richards won’t be a part of DwtS 7. It’s complicated.

The Mole ended its season on Monday night with an audience of fewer than 3 million viewers.

Being up against the Olympics certainly didn’t help The Mole. Total viewership of the Beijing Games has already surpassed 143 million people in the United States.

Variety has an article about the absence of stand-up comics among the actors nominated in the Emmy’s Leading Actor in a Comedy category.

Variety’s Brian Lowry speculates that the popularity of social networking sites might be responsible for the recent proliferation of vampire dramas on television. Hmm…

Ox Notes: August 11, 2008

With two weeks to go before the Dancing with the Stars 7 cast is officially announced, rumors are flying. Retired NFL quarterback Dan Marino says he won’t be on the show. But Tom Selleck might.

With Steve Guttenberg having competed in Season 6, and Selleck supposedly lined up for Season 7, DwtS casting directors seem obligated to try and land Ted Danson for Season 8, thereby completing the 3 Men and a Baby trifecta.

FOXNews reports that not only is Kim Kardashian in the DwtS 7 cast, but so is her mother, Kris Jenner. The article also mentions that Tara Reid wasn’t considered "family friendly" enough for Dancing with the Stars. But Kim Kardashian is?

Catching up on news about this summer’s big dancing show, People, Zap2It, and Us magazine have interviews with So You Think You Can Dance 4 champion Joshua Allen.

Us also posted an interview with SYTYCD judge Mary Murphy about the Samba she danced at the finale, as well as Murphy’s and choreographer Dan Karaty’s thoughts on the season’s final performance show.

I’ve got Olympic fever, and so do a lot of other people, apparently. Friday night’s opening ceremonies were watched by more people than any other other opening ceremonies held outside of the United States (Atlanta in 1996 still holds the overall record).

Are any other fans of The Mole disappointed in ABC’s decision to air the season finale tonight, opposite the Olympics? I could’ve done without that mid-season clip show.

EW posted a slideshow of the top 25 celebrity guest appearances on Sesame Street.

I’m taking tomorrow off to celebrate my birthday. See you all on Wednesday!

Ox Notes: August 7, 2008

Tonight’s the big night for So You Think You Can Dance. Unfortunately, the Chicago-area FOX affiliate is airing a Bears pre-season football game in SYTYCD‘s regular timeslot, and isn’t airing the finale until 11 p.m. Grrr… caught up with the SYTYCD finalists before they performed last night, and Zap2It has a recap of the episode. Here are links to videos of the performances: Courtney & Twitch, Katee & Joshua, Katee & Courtney, Twitch & Joshua, Katee & Twitch, Courtney & Joshua, Group Number.

In honor of the finale, EW compiled a slideshow of the best SYTYCD routines of all time, complete with videos of the performances. Us magazine tracked down some former contestants for career updates and their thoughts on who should win this season of So You Think You Can Dance.

TV Guide posted a video interview with last week’s eliminated contestants, Chelsie and Mark.

In other SYTYCD news, Us magazine reports that choreographer Dan Karaty will lend his talents to America’s Got Talent, while remaining involved with So You Think You Can Dance.

ABC announced that my favorite show of the summer, Wipeout, will return next summer. FOX’s stunt-themed game show, Hole in the Wall, premieres September 11, taking over Moment of Truth‘s timeslot at 8 ET.

ABC is currently working on a number of pilots, which could hit the air in early 2009.

CSI is hoping to fill the void left by William Peterson, who’ll depart the show after this season’s tenth episode, with Laurence Fishburne.

Variety has an article about the challenges NBC is up against during the Summer Olympics, as the network balances broadcasting the games with covering the protests surrounding the event — all under the watchful eye of the censor-happy Chinese government.

TV Guide has an interview with Kathy Griffin, who had to convince Bravo that an episode of My Life on the D-List filmed entirely at Walter Reed hospital could be funny.

I’m taking tomorrow off. Have a great weekend!

Ox Notes: August 6, 2008

Dancing with the Stars 4 champion and Olympic speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno will be the guest judge on tonight’s episode of Project Runway. Any chance the challenge won’t involved shiny spandex?

Emily, the designer auf’d last week, didn’t seem to be taking her elimination well when she talked to EW and People.

Shows like So You Think You Can Dance — which airs the first half of its season finale tonight on Fox — have opened up lots of opportunities for choreographers.

Reality Blurred is skeptical of an insider’s list of Dancing with the Stars 7 contestants provided to In Touch Weekly. The list includes names we’ve heard before, like Lance Bass and Florence Henderson, along with new names like Toni Braxton and Dan Marino.

If Dan Marino were to join the cast, he would become the third NutriSystem spokesperson to compete on Dancing with the Stars, following in the footsteps of Marie Osmond and Joey Fatone. Who’s next, Ronald McDonald? Jared from Subway?

Reality Blurred is also encouraging fans of The Mole not to protest the show’s inevitable cancellation, saying their efforts would be better spent urging ABC to release the show’s second season on DVD.

The Summer Olympics officially begin on Friday, but a few soccer qualifying matches are being played today and tomorrow. I’m going back to bed now so that I’ll be ready to wake up at 4:55 a.m. ET on Thursday for the U.S. men’s match against Japan. Sweet dreams!

Ox Notes: August 5, 2008

A rigorous rehearsal schedule is taking its toll on the So You Think You Can Dance finalists. On Saturday, two of the dancers — reportedly Twitch and Joshua — were taken to the hospital and treated for dehydration. Judge Mary Murphy spilled the beans about the hospitalization at Fox’s Teen Choice Awards, then promptly tripped and sprained her ankle.

Blog MeTalkinToYou has the scoop on what dances the SYTYCD finalists will perform on Wednesday night. The blog also notes that Thursday night’s finale is being preempted in the Chicago area by a Bears preseason football game. Thanks, local Fox affiliate.

SYTYCD judge and producer Nigel Lythgoe announced that he will no longer produce American Idol, giving him more time to focus on developing international versions of So You Think You Can Dance.

Shannon Elizabeth told People that Derek Hough didn’t propose marriage to her. She said that she hopes that his new partner on Dancing with the Stars is someone "who’s like 70, 80 years old."

The AMPTP is refuting rumors of informal meetings with SAG; the studios say they’ve had no contact with the actors union since July 16.

TLC will debut a new home makeover show on August 23 called Making It Home: Greensburg, which will help residents of the Kansas town devastated by a tornado in May 2007. Here’s hoping it does well in the ratings so that TLC can bring the show to other town’s afflicted by natural disasters.

Law & Order: SVU will reunite Josh Charles and Teri Polo, who played Dan and Rebecca on my beloved Sports Night, on an episode to air September 30.

EW caught up with ten reality stars, including Evan "Joe Millionaire" Marriott and Taylor from Kid Nation, and asked if sacrificing their dignity for 15-minutes of fame was worth it. Most of the stars answered, "No."

Ox Notes: August 4, 2008

Good news, So You Think You Can Dance fans: Fox has officially picked up the series for a fifth season, which will air next summer. TV Guide has an interview with the dancers eliminated last Thursday, Chelsie and Mark.

Dancing with the Stars pro Cheryl Burke told E! that the odds of Lance Bass dancing with a male partner in Season 7 are pretty slim.

In other DwtS news, Shannon Elizabeth reportedly turned down a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, Derek Hough. And former DwtS pro, Nick Kosovich, recently taught a seminar in Sarasota Springs, NY.

An article in the Boston Globe investigated why Americans seem increasingly content to watch dancing on TV, instead of going out dancing themselves.

SAG leaders say they are still trying to work out a contract between actors and the studios, although through back channels rather than formal meetings.

TV Guide interviewed Jon Hamm, who says he’s nowhere near as stylish as Don Draper, the character he plays on Mad Men.

There’s a debate in the MOIB household as to whether we should keep watching the entire second season of Mad Men on our basic cable connection, or 1) upgrade to an HD package and watch it weekly, with commercials, 2) download the series from iTunes every week, and watch it without commercials, or 3) wait until the season is over, buy the Blu-Ray DVD, and watch it as a marathon, as we did with the first season.

After reading this analysis of last night’s episode, I’m leaning toward option 3. The article pointed out a detail from the previous episode that I’d already forgotten about, which made me think that I might be better off watching the shows in quick succession, rather than waiting a week in between episodes.

What do you think we should do? Are there any shows you prefer to watch on DVD, instead of week-to-week?

Ox Notes: August 1, 2008

A spokesperson for Dan Quayle told TV Guide that the former VP will not be competing in Dancing with the Stars 7. Neither will comedian Kathy Griffin, apparently.

Zap2It has a recap of last night’s So You Think You Can Dance results show. TV Guide posted video of an interview with last week’s eliminated dancers, Comfort and Will.

Us magazine posted some thoughts on this week’s SYTYCD performance show from Mary Murphy and Dan Karaty, who didn’t seem too impressed by any of this season’s Top 6 dancers.

Reality Blurred wrote about Project Runway 5’s impressive ratings, in spite of cast members that are "less engaging and more annoying" than in previous seasons. Zap2It’s TV Gal agrees with that sentiment, and so do I — or should I say, so does Kathy.

In other Bravo reality show news, Top Chef 2‘s curly-haired, diabetic hunk, Sam Talbot, got engaged over the weekend.

Executive producer Bertram Van Munster dropped some hints about the upcoming season of The Amazing Race, which premieres on September 28.

With America in the middle of a housing crisis, Property Ladder host Kirsten Kemp is taking a break from teaching amateurs how to flip houses for profit, and will host a new show on TLC aimed to help struggling home owners make small improvements to boost their home’s value. Hope For Your Home premieres August 9 at 8:30 p.m. ET.

Also new to TLC is Battleground Earth (not to be confused with the John Travolta flick Battlefield Earth), which pits rapper Ludacris against rocker Tommy Lee in a battle to promote eco-awareness. The Motley Crue drummer talked with TV Guide about how the show, which premieres on TLC on August 7 at 8 p.m. ET, has turned him into a typical dad, yelling at his kids to turn off the lights when they leave the room.

The producers of Wizard’s First Rule have changed the name of the series to the totally generic Legend of the Seeker, which sounds more like a subtitle than a series title. Perhaps they just pulled a couple of words out of a hat and plugged them into the J.R.R. Tolkien Fantasy Epic Name Generator™: "_____ of the _____."

My disappointment is mitigated somewhat by their casting of Craig Parker, who played Haldir in the Lord of the Rings movies, as a villain in the series. But, still, they couldn’t come up with anything better than Legend of the Seeker?