Ox Notes: September 11, 2008

Last night’s double elimination episode of Project Runway was a bit of a downer. Along with a designer that had long outstayed his welcome, one of my favorite designers, whom I thought was a lock for the finale, was eliminated for reasons that elude me, despite Michael Kors’ explanation in his blog. I won’t spoil the outcome in case you Tivo’d it, but Tim Gunn writes of the auf’d designer: "I feel sick about losing you." Me, too, Tim.

Presumably, all six of the designers remaining in the competition will show collections at Fashion Week Friday morning as part of the Project Runway 5 finale, so as not to give away the identities of the three finalists.

PR judge Nina Garcia is getting her own reality show called Running in Heels, which will follow her around the offices of Marie Claire magazine.

Former soap star Antonio Sabato, Jr. is getting a reality show as well. VH1 will do what it does best and help Antonio wade through a collection of sluts to find that one woman he’ll profess to love, only to break up with her a few months later.

ET had Kris Jenner interview her daughter, Kim Kardashian, about what it’s like to train with Mark Ballas for Dancing with the Stars 7.

EW has a photo gallery of the 17 Sauciest TV Chefs. What, no love for DwtS 7 competitor Rocco DiSpirito?

In 90210 news, Shannen Doherty has no plans to continue working on the remake, while Brian Austin Green and Jason Priestly say they wouldn’t mind being involved with the show if they weren’t so darned busy.

Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse has temporarily ceased production so that the Firefly creator can work on script rewrites.

TV Guide asked Fringe executive producer Roberto Orci some burning questions about the series premiere. The interview will interest those of you looking for Lost-like clues in the new sci-fi drama from J.J. Abrams.

Zap2It interviewed Hole in the Wall hosts Brooke Burns and Mark Thompson ahead of the show’s official, hour-long premiere tonight at 8 ET on FOX. I watched the special preview on Tuesday night and felt that the show was so loud and overproduced that it detracted from the simple enjoyment of people trying (and failing) to fit through awkwardly shaped holes in a wall. It definitely looked like a FOX game show, and I don’t mean that as a compliment.

Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll stick with Wipeout.