Ox Notes: September 24, 2008

After becoming the first celebrity eliminated from Dancing with the Stars 7, comedian Jeffrey Ross told Us Magazine that he was "heartbroken." On top of that, he told OK! that he was in incredible pain from his scratched cornea: "It woke me up this morning and I literally whispered to my girlfriend, Meaghan, ‘This is the worst day of my life.’"

But Jeffrey and partner Edyta Sliwinska aren’t done dancing yet. According to TV Guide, the duo will perform the Quickstep they’ve been rehearsing for the last month on tonight’s Results Show.

DwtS 5 champ Helio Castroneves filmed some interviews for ET after last night’s episode. Access Hollywood video cameras were in the ballroom as well, but, sadly, Mel B wasn’t behind the mic.

People filed a report on What You Didn’t See at Monday’s DwtS 7 premiere.

DwtS 7 contestant Kim Kardashian is OK! Magazine’s current cover girl.

This season’s first official DwtS Results Show will be followed tonight by a two-hour special about magician David Blaine’s latest stunt. According to The New York Daily News and EW, folks who’ve stopped by Central Park to see the prestidigitator hanging upside down aren’t impressed.

In two years, you’ll be able to watch reruns of the sitcom How I Met Your Mother on Lifetime.

Netflix announced deals with CBS and Disney that will allow members to stream episodes of shows like CSI and Hannah Montana online.

George Clooney officially said that he won’t return to ER for a cameo during its final season.

Reality Blurred has an interview with Survivor: Gabon contestant Corinne Kaplan, whom he describes as "unapologetically awful." Read this interview and you will forever eye with suspicion those cute, young pharmaceutical sales reps sitting in your doctor’s waiting room.