Ox Notes: October 15, 2008

After last night’s Dancing with the Stars 7 Results show, cast members spilled the beans about the next week’s new dance styles. In Access Hollywood‘s interview video, Lance Bass & Lacey Schwimmer reveal that they’ll dance West Coast Swing, while Cloris Leachman & Corky Ballas and Maurice Greene & Cheryl Burke will Salsa.

Cody Linley told OK! that he and Julianne Hough will dance the Jitterbug.

During his video interview with Entertainment Tonight, Rocco DiSpirito promised to buy Karina Smirnoff "lots of shoes" as a reward for her patience while teaching him how to dance. TV Guide and E! also have interviews with the eliminated contestant.

Catching up on news from Monday night’s DwtS Performance Show, which was watched by nearly 18 million viewers, Julianne Hough and Kim Kardashian posted their thoughts on the performances. And People has an article about What You Didn’t See off the dance floor.

In honor of tonight’s Project Runway 5 finale, EW posted a slideshow of 12 Project Runway All-Stars and Their Unforgettable Designs.

An article at Reality Blurred notes how fitting it is that the Project Runway 5 finale is up against a huge televised event like the last Presidential Debate, given how Bravo went out of its way to tank this season. The network isn’t even doing a cast reunion show.

Proving the adage that everything old is new again, the Cartoon Network is developing a Hot Wheels cartoon. My brother had better hope that our mom doesn’t read this post, lest it remind her of the day 20 years ago when he buried a bunch of the miniature toy cars in the back yard. Just think of what our replica Fall Guy truck would be worth today!