Ox Notes: November 10, 2008

Kym Johnson told People that she thinks she and Warren Sapp can win Dancing with the Stars 7 if they keep having fun on the dancefloor, though she may have to use a few perennial pro tricks as well.

Tuesday night’s DwtS Results Show will feature a vocal performance by Julianne Hough that she recorded before leaving the show to have surgery.

I agree with Reality Blurred’s Andy Dehnart that last night’s Holi Roadblock on The Amazing Race was one of the best challenges ever, particularly because of Kelly’s self-inflicted misery.

The latest Survivor voted out of Gabon, Marcus, did interviews with Reality Blurred and People.

Lost returns to ABC’s lineup on January 21, 2009.

Showtime and the BBC are working on a new historical drama series called Camelot.

Since it’s a light news days, I’ll share with you a clip from the new Hindi movie that came out on Friday, EMI. It’s a dance number inspired by Saturday Night Fever. John Travolta’s got nothing on Arjun Rampal: