Ox Notes: November 11, 2008

Here’s a couple of quick notes on Dancing with the Stars before I head off to do Veterans Day-type stuff.

Kym Johnson did a nice job last night covering up a shoulder injury she suffered over the weekend.

Entertainment Tonight got the couples to talk about their strategies for the semi-finals. If they survive the vote tonight, Maurice Greene & Cheryl Burke will dance the Tango and Jitterbug next week.

Even though Derek Hough has been leading the pack with celebrity partner Brooke Burke all season, he told OK! that victory is not guaranteed: "There’s only been one occasion where the best dancer has won and that was last year [with Kristi Yamaguchi]. Other than that, it’s always been the best personality that has won." I think you’re on to something, Derek. (Though I will say that, even if Drew Lachey wasn’t the best dancer of Season 2, he definitely earned his win with the best performances in the final week.)