Ox Notes: December 3, 2008

ABC announced its spring schedule, including a Monday, March 9 return date for Dancing with the Stars.

CBS also released its mid-season schedule this week, which includes plans to let new drama Harper’s Island carry over into summer. Survivor 18 premieres on February 12, and The Amazing Race 14 bows on February 15.

In other scheduling news, Reaper returns to The CW on March 17. And episodes of Celebrity Apprentice 2, which debuts in February, will be two hours long, presumably because NBC has nothing else to fill its schedule.

HGTV has several new shows debuting on New Year’s Day. I’m intrigued — and kind of saddened — by Income Property, in which homeowners convert rooms in their homes into rental apartments in order to raise extra money. Makes me long for the days when a big portion of HGTV’s lineup was devoted to flipping homes for profit.

DwtS pro Julianne Hough and her boyfriend, country singer Chuck Wicks, are thinking about getting married, though not right away.

Reality Blurred has a thorough accounting of what happened to Toni & Dallas during their last leg of The Amazing Race. The duo didn’t get their passports back in time to make to the Finale, so they’ll be absent when the teams cross the finish line on Sunday night.

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for that celebrity-obsessed cousin of yours, check out charity auction site Clothes Off Our Back for autographed Christmas ornaments and bowls.

AOL has a list of TV’s Hottest Hunks — Ever that has the nerve to rank CSI‘s Gary Dourdan ahead of David Hasselhoff. As if there was anyone hunkier than The Hoff back in the ’90s…