Ox Notes: December 9, 2008

The big TV news today is NBC’s decision to give Jay Leno a nightly talk show at 10 ET starting next fall. That leaves the network with only ten hours of primetime programming each week, much of which will presumably be devoted to reality shows like The Biggest Loser and America’s Got Talent.

MSN has an article about 10 Reasons We’ll Miss Boston Legal. I thought last night’s series finale was perfect.

If you’re shopping for TV-related Christmas presents, check out TVShowsOnDVD’s Zap2It’s Holiday Gift Guide. And don’t forget to browse Amazon sales page featuring the website’s biggest discounts on TV DVDs. Some seasons of CW shows like Smallville and Supernatural are selling for more than 70% off!

Amazing Race champs Nick & Starr told Reality TV World that they beat runners up Ken & Tina by 11 minutes and Dan & Andrew by more than 90 minutes in the Season 13 finale, which was watched by 10.57 million people. The winners were also interviewed by People.

People conducted an hilarious interview with ousted Survivor: Gabon contestant Corrine, who said that the remaining contestants (with the exception of Bob) aren’t underdogs: "These are just unintelligent, unsuccessful people that got lucky breaks. This is revenge of the nerds edition." Corrine-haters can take comfort in the fact that she’s currently unemployed.

TV Guide revealed that Toni Braxton didn’t perform at the Dancing with the Stars 7 Finale because she was recovering from having a lump surgically removed from one of her breasts. The lump was not cancerous.

DwtS 7 runner-up Warren Sapp told OK! that he appreciates hearing from fans who tell him he was "robbed" of the trophy.

Supermodel and Project Runway host Heidi Klum is lobbying for a spot on Dancing with the Stars. How cool would that be?

DwtS 5 competitor Cameron Mathison told OK! that a t-shirt tucked into his underwear gave the illusion that he was wearing a thong during a recent episode of All My Children. Judge for yourself in this clip from The Soup: