Ox Notes: January 20, 2009

Zap2It has a list of Inauguration Day events on TV, including a full night of coverage on ABC.

In other political news, Cindy McCain has been approached to compete on Dancing with the Stars 8.

FOX announced its plans for next season, while SciFi announced its plans for spring, including a two-hour Battlestar: Galactica series finale on March 20.

Variety’s Brian Lowry writes that TV movies are making a minor comeback, thanks to cable networks like SciFi and Lifetime.

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner finally signed a contract with AMC, which includes two more seasons of his hit show.

Rob Thomas said that his next writing project is a script for a Veronica Mars feature film.

If you’re brave (or desperate) enough, you can enter a contest to let MySpace users plan your wedding.

Check out the Shaolin monks’ performance from last night’s episode of Superstars of Dance: