Ox Notes: February 4, 2009

Casting for Top Chef 6 begins this weekend. In the meantime, Top Chef New York‘s Jeff McInnis isn’t handling his elimination well. He sounded bitter in interviews with E! and People, where he said: "My opinion about Tom Colicchio’s food is that it’s extremely boring."

In Dancing with the Stars news, OK! reports that Jackass‘s Steve-O is definitely a part of the Season 8 cast.

DwtS pros Mark Ballas and Derek Hough are releasing an album on March 10, the day after Season 8 premieres.

ABC keeps messing with the revamped version of Rob Thomas’s Cupid. The series premiere has been moved back to March 31, and the final episode order has been reduced to seven after network execs reportedly didn’t like a couple of the story outlines submitted by the writers.

Variety’s Phil Gallo writes about the unique arrangement CBS has to integrate music into episodes of NCIS. An upcoming two-disc NCIS soundtrack features 16 previously unreleased tracks.

Variety also features a psychologist’s analysis of House‘s eponymous lead character, Dr. Gregory House.

Ditsy Girl Next Door Kendra is moving out of the Playboy Mansion and getting her own show on E!. If you’re not familiar with the flaky exhibitionist, this safe-for-work video of Kendra extolling the virtues of Olive Garden is an appropriate introduction: