Ox Notes: February 26, 2009

Last night’s Top Chef New York finale was a real let-down after an entertaining season. Even judge Toby Young blogged that he thought Stefan should’ve won. I think Hosea could give Season 2’s Ilan some competition for Most Forgettable Top Chef Winner Ever.

There’s plenty of entertaining post-finale content at Bravo’s Top Chef website, including video of Stefan admonishing Bravo for, among other things, giving Carla a Toyota Venza in the previous episode instead of a hybrid vehicle. There’s more video of Carla and Hosea, Q&A with Stefan and Q&A with Hosea, and blog posts by judge Gail Simmons and finale participant Richard Blais.

We have our first official Dancing with the Stars 8 injury. Jewel revealed on her blog and to Entertainment Tonight that she’s had to forgo practice for several days because of tendinitis in her knees.

In other DwtS news, TV Guide interviewed Season 8 contestant Denise Richards. And DwtS pro Mark Ballas starts the new season with a new girlfriend, American Idol‘s Joanna Pacitti.

I just realized that I forgot to record America’s Ballroom Challenge last night. Did you watch it, and if so how was it?

The cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation is reuniting for the March 29 episode of Family Guy. The episode is part of a March sweeps month (moved back from February because of the DTV switch) that will feature more reruns than previous sweeps months.

Jerry Seinfeld is developing a marriage-themed reality show for NBC.

People interviewed the latest duo kicked off The Amazing Race, Linda & Steve, who have an unusually healthy perspective on the way their footage was edited for the show.

Fans of The Amazing Race will appreciate a lengthy Q&A Variety did with show producers Bertram van Munster and Elise Doganieri. Their answers are thoughtful and never defensive when responding to criticism. Doganieri even referenced the incident which provided the name for this website. It’s a must-read for serious TAR fans.