Ox Notes: March 5, 2009

Maybe it’s time to rethink the way celebrities train for Dancing with the Stars. Nancy O’Dell joins Jewel and Gilles Marini on the list of pre-season wounded, suffering from a right knee injury. O’Dell told TV Guide that she thinks she’ll be ready for Monday night’s DwtS 8 premiere.

Jewel’s knee tendinitis may be severe enough to have forced her out of the competition already. US Weekly reports that Holly Madison of E!’s Girls Next Door is ready to take Jewel’s place in the DwtS 8 cast on Monday night.

Update: TV Guide confirms that both Jewel and Nancy O’Dell are dropping out of the competition due to injuries sustained in rehearsals.

Belinda Carlisle told People that she’s struggling with her spins, although she looked pretty good in her Access Hollywood rehearsal video.

Variety’s Brian Lowry offers advice to actors in this sluggish economy: "If you say things like ‘I’ll get this to the lab right away, boss’ on a crime procedural, this isn’t the year to try renegotiating that contract."

Just what every nerd needs: Star Trek cologne.

After watching last night’s Top Chef New York reunion, EW’s Christine Spines wonders if the judges gave Hosea the title simply because he’s less obnoxious than Stefan.

Top Chef judge Toby Young blogged about how the gay rights movement made Stefan & Fabio’s "bromance" possible. The blog post also includes a story about Toby and Stefan going to a lesbian bar after filming the reunion special.

Ox Notes will be back on Monday, March 9 with a special Dancing with the Stars 8 news roundup. Let’s see who else gets injured between now and then.