DwtS 8, Week 2: Results

One Steve couldn’t even make it to the Performance Show, and the other received the lowest scores. Was there any way one of them wouldn’t go home this week?

Apparently so.

Steve-O, who was injured at dress rehearsal for the Performance Show, garnered enough audience votes to be safe from this week’s dance-off.

Steve Wozniak wasn’t so lucky. He and Karina landed in the bottom two, along with Belinda and Jonathan. Both couples danced, and each received 17 points from the judges.

Going into tonight, I thought the judges — rather than scoring — would be deciding which bottomfeeding contestant gets sent home, as happens on So You Think You Can Dance. Instead, the new scores just got added into the mix somehow and recombined with the audience votes.

Personally, I like the SYTYCD method. It’s simple, and it doesn’t give the judges an easy way out (like tonight, when they scored the couples as even).

In the end, Belinda couldn’t muster enough audience support over the show’s first two weeks, and she was sent home.