DwtS 8, Week 6: Results

The two couples who received the lowest Performance Show scores were also the last two couples left onstage at the end of tonight’s Results Show. But which would go home?

Steve-O & Lacey. No surprise there.

But the other couple standing on stage with them at the end was a bit of a shock. Though Ty & Chelsie didn’t get great scores from the judges, I thought Ty was popular enough that he should be able to get through this week unscathed. He and Chelsie weren’t so confident. They looked as though they believed this could be their last night on Dancing with the Stars.

It all made more sense, once Tom Bergeron clarified that the final two couples to learn their fates weren’t necessarily the bottom two vote-getters. (Well, Steve-O & Lacey were, obviously.)

The conspiracy theorist in me believes that the producers would rather have Ty & Chelsie around than some of the other couples (*cough* LT *cough*) who get low scores from the judges. By waiting until the end to announce that they were safe, the producers probably ensured a few extra votes for Ty & Chelsie next week — while lulling LT’s fans into complacency.

The Results Show began with an encore of Lil’ Kim & Derek’s "Jailhouse Rock" Jive. Special guest performances included "America", from the Broadway revival of West Side Story

…Rascal Flatts singing "Here Comes Goodbye", accompanied by Julianne & Tony…

…a Macy’s Stars of Dance number featuring Carmen Electra (!?!?) …

…and Rascal Flatts covering The Beatles’ "Revolution."