Ox Notes: April 17, 2009

I don’t normally post Ox Notes on Fridays, but I feel compelled to do so today for one reason: Coach.

If you haven’t been following Survivor: Tocantins, do yourself a favor and watch last night’s episode (Episode 9). At the very least, read EW’s recap.

Coach is one of the best contestants in the history of Survivor. He’s an egomaniac who tells stories about his life so preposterous that there’s no way they are true. Yet Coach isn’t lying; he believes everything he says. You may hate him, but he makes for good TV.

Jeff Probst dedicated his EW blog post to Coach, disclosing a new project he has in mind for the self-styled "Dragon Slayer." E! posted a poll where you can vote on the best Coachisms from last night’s show.

CBS.com has videos of this season’s first jury member complaining that conditions at Ponderosa are so primitive as to be "Smith Family Robinson".

In other CBS reality show news, The Amazing Race has been renewed for a fifteenth season.

TAR 14‘s Mel revealed that he’s disappointed that the show’s producers have ignored that both Kisha and Luke are openly gay, supposedly because they want to define contestants by single issues — as though viewers would be confused if Luke were both deaf and gay.

In Dancing with the Stars news, Ty Murray was injured when he was hit in the face with a mic pack (those things are dangerous this season). He’s okay and will be able to continue with the competition.

DwtS pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy told Us he has no plans to leave the show: "In this economy, to have a job like this? Believe me, it’s not a bad job!"

MTV will air the documentary Steve-O: Demise and Rise on May 3, chronicling the performer’s struggles with drug abuse, his rehab and up through his first performance on Dancing with the Stars 8.

Unless something dramatic happens in the world of DwtS over the weekend — such as another contestant being felled by a mic pack — I’m going to take Monday off from Ox Notes. Have a nice weekend, and I’ll see you in the chatroom on Monday night.