Ox Notes: May 1, 2009

Last night’s episode of Survivor: Tocantins didn’t go down exactly how I expected it to, but it was still great. Host Jeff Probst blogged about the episode for EW. Check out the latest Ponderosa videos to see a great impression of Coach.

Dancing with the Stars 8 spouse Jewel is stirring up trouble with a post she made on husband Ty Murray’s MySpace blog. Jewel said she didn’t like that Melissa Rycroft was judged on her rehearsal footage on Monday night’s show because: "If you’re too hurt to compete then you can’t compete." She added that she might feel differently about the rule if she was competing on the show. I’m guessing she’d be all for it if it saved Ty.

DwtS pro Julianne Hough will definitely skip Season 9.

ABC and Disney shows will soon be available on Hulu.

A recent study confirmed that people find comfort in TV shows. They’d feel even more comfortable under this Star Trek blanket.

The Futon Critic has a massive Fall 2009 Schedule Grid, including all the shows that have gotten official pickups as well as those still on the bubble.

Reality Blurred has a list of dates for upcoming reality show season finales. The list starts tonight with the finales of Supernanny and Wife Swap on ABC.

Ox Notes will return on Tuesday, May 5. Have a great weekend!