Ox Notes: May 26, 2009

It’s summer in TV land, when news slows to a trickle. Therefore, I’ll usually post new Ox Notes only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, until we get closer to the fall TV season.

You can keep tabs on summer series premiere dates with Zap2It’s Premieres and Finales Calendar. The website posted reviews of two new shows premiering tonight, Mental on FOX and Hitched or Ditched on The CW.

And, of course, Wipeout premieres on ABC Wednesday night at 8 ET.

A new season of Jon & Kate Plus 8 debuted on TLC last night, and critics weren’t impressed with the latest episode in the increasingly uncomfortable-to-watch series.

Fans of The Bachelorette will want to read host Chris Harrison’s blog for his take on last night’s episode.

Zap2It’s Harper’s Island recapper, Andrea Reiher, seems positively gleeful about all of the show’s gory deaths. So am I.

While flipping through the channels this weekend, Greg and I wondered exactly what Ion Television is. The answer: a broadcaster in financial trouble.

My brother will be outraged to learn that Disney is planning to remake its 1986 live-action sci-fi flick Flight of the Navigator.

In other sci-fi remake news, ABC released a promo trailer for its remake of the ’80s alien invasion mini-series V. While the promo clip below looks cool and stars Lost‘s Elizabeth Mitchell, I don’t know how they’ll be able to improve on this scene from V: The Final Battle.