Ox Notes: July 28, 2009

Reality Blurred has an interview with Deadliest Catch creator Thom Beers. Last night, Discovery featured a fascinating special about the producers who work aboard the crab boats, which was more or less a chronicle of greenhorn cameraman Josh Silberman’s battle with seasickness. I have no idea how he was able to blog between his frequent bouts of vomiting.

Reality Blurred also reviews this season’s new dating shows, More to Love and Dating in the Dark.

In case you missed last night’s Bachelorette finale, ABC reorganized its schedule to give you a second chance to see it tonight.

FOX reorganized its fall schedule, giving the next season of So You Think You Can Dance a twelve-day head start on Dancing with the Stars 9.

Pure DwtS compiled a list of all of the credible Season 9 cast rumors thus far.

American Idol 8 made $50 million less in ad revenue than AI 7, but $850 million is still a pretty good haul.

Paramount is working on a feature film version of the book Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. Why bother when the 1982 animated version, The Secret of NIMH, is so good and features such a pretty theme song?