Ox Notes: September 17, 2009

Dancing with the Stars 9 has its first injuries to report. Kathy Ireland needed stitches after a surfing accident, and Tom DeLay has a pre-stress fracture in his foot that is limiting his rehearsal time.

ABC posted videos of the couples in rehearsal. The video titled "Don’t Let Go!" showcases Mark Dacascos nearly launching Lacey Schwimmer during a move.

Stars Ashley Hamilton, Louie Vito and Melissa Joan Hart blogged about their progress so far.

DwtS will pay tribute to Patrick Swayze during the September 23 Results Show.

In DwtS-related news, married pros Alec Mazo & Edyta Sliwinska will take part in GSN’s revival of The Newlywed Game. And the big dance number on Sunday night’s Emmy Awards — featuring Maksim Chmerkovskiy & Karina Smirnoff — will be choreographed by So You Think You Can Dance‘s Tabitha & Napoleon.

SYTYCD promoted Adam Shankman to permanent judge.

Survivor: Samoa premieres tonight on CBS at 8 ET. Reality Blurred has pre-season interviews with all of the contestants, and People hired Survivor: Tocantins runner-up Stephen Fishbach to blog about the new season.

EW posted a gallery to help you remember where you’ve seen the actors of The CW’s Vampire Diaries before. Everyone knows that the actor who plays evil brother Damon was Boone on Lost, but did you know that BFF Bonnie was one of the Fantanas?

The Watcher has a spoiler-filled interview with Supernatural creator Eric Kripke and actor Jim Beaver.

Tim Gunn told People about the gross way Ra’mon dyed his challenge-winning neoprene dress (hint: producers showed him dyeing it in the sink, but that wasn’t the first vessel he used). Yuck!

I’m sad that my favorite contestant got booted from Top Chef Las Vegas last night, while he’s most upset about being separated from his beloved Padma. Gail Simmons blogged about the challenge, and Tom Colicchio wrote a great explanation of the judging criteria.

If you’ve got a few minutes to kill, try this Reality TV Trivia game at MSN. Just be sure to turn down the volume on your speakers if you’re at work.

I’ll be on a road trip next week, so Ox Notes will return on Tuesday, October 6.