Ox Notes: October 8, 2009

To get you psyched for tonight’s new episode of Survivor: Samoa, I direct you to an EW video interview with Ben, the contestant most recently voted off the island. Survivor vet Eliza Orlins joins EW staffers Dalton Ross and Josh Wolk for an interview that is both appalling and hilarious.

Ben is a racist but spends the interview protesting that he’s not, in the process providing more evidence that he is definitely a racist. Eliza’s reaction shots to Ben’s comments are priceless. Believe me, it’s worth watching.

In other Survivor news, Jeff Probst blogged about the local laborers the show employed while filming in Samoa. The resort that served as Ponderosa was destroyed in last month’s tsunami.

People magazine is a goldmine of Dancing with the Stars news. The online version has an interview with Tom DeLay, a What You Didn’t See report from Tuesday night’s Results Show and a report that Maksim Chmerkovskiy feels "betrayed" by Karina Smirnoff’s attentions toward Aaron Carter.

The magazine also has an interview with Amazing Racers Marcy & Ron.

In other DwtS news, remember that chimp Tom Bergeron mentioned on Monday night’s show? PETA convinced producer Conrad Green to cut him out of Tuesday night’s comedy segment.

Pure DwtS found a great rant on the ABC message board in which the writer begs Samantha Harris to take hosting lessons. Funny stuff.

Just what you’ve been waiting for: a Corky Ballas update.

Tuesday’s DwtS Results Show had twice the total viewers of the latest episode of So You Think You Can Dance but the same number of viewers in the coveted 18-49 demographic.

Do you have any interest in watching SYTYCD choreographer Dan Karaty compete for his own fashion line on Bravo?

I recently upgraded my cable box and discovered that I have the G4 network. It’s led me to discover the wonder that is Ninja Warrior. I no longer need any other television shows.