Ox Notes: October 29, 2009

In her Top Chef blog, judge Gail Simmons addressed something I wondered about while watching the show last night: where were the eggs and dairy products? The meal needed to be vegetarian, not vegan (no animal products of any kind), and the producers encouraged the chefs to use eggs and dairy. No wonder the judges had to go out for dinner after taping the show.

Judge Tom Colicchio also blogged about the episode, and the eliminated chef discussed how the contestants pass the time in a house with no TV or reading materials.

In related news, Top Chef 5 bad boy Stefan Richter is looking for love on the Internet.

Pure DwtS rounded up some interview videos filmed after this week’s Dancing with the Stars Results Show. People filed What You Didn’t See reports from the set of the Monday and Tuesday shows.

Ahead of tonight’s new episode of Survivor: Samoa, here’s a link to Jeff Probst’s blog post about Russell’s collapse, as well as Russell’s interviews with ET and EW.

TV Guide has a list of TV shows in danger of being canceled. The list includes Gossip Girl and Three Rivers, which is referred to in my house by an alternate name: Handsome Doctor.

Last week, I gave up on Flash Forward because the plot wasn’t progressing. Also, the interpersonal drama relied on people keeping secrets from one another just for the sake of creating interpersonal drama, my least favorite plot device.

I’m also considering bailing on Supernatural, which started taking itself too seriously as soon as it introduced the whole Heaven vs. Hell plotline. The Watcher’s preview of the remaining Fall 2009 episodes gives me hope that Sam & Dean might get to have some fun and crack a few jokes again, like they did during the first seasons.

What shows are you ready to give up on?