Ox Notes: February 2, 2010

If you want to learn who’s on Dancing with the Stars 10, you’re going to have to sit through an episode of The Bachelor to do it. ABC will reveal the identities of the DwtS 10 cast members at intervals during the March 1 Bachelor finale. I think I’ll skip the dating show and wait until the cast list is posted at the ABC’s DwtS website.

The first believable DwtS 10 cast rumor comes courtesy of former MMA fighter and actor Jason Chambers. He’s not a household name, but he’s young and hunky, so I’ll be surprised if he’s not in the cast.

Olympic diving champ Greg Louganis is campaigning for a spot on DwtS 10.

The first half of the Lost final season premiere — which airs tonight on ABC at 9 ET — is available online, but fans aren’t watching it. They don’t want to be spoiled.

Reality Blurred is posting preseason interviews with the Survivor 20 cast members.

In sad news, Phil Harris, captain of the Cornelia Marie on The Deadliest Catch, is in the hospital recovering from a stroke. Discovery promises to update fans on Phil’s condition here.

If you’re not sick of the Jay Leno-Conan O’Brien Tonight Show feud, check out this fascinating dissection of Jay’s interview on Oprah last week. It’s long, but it contains a lot evidence to indicate that Jay was being, um, less than truthful.

Masterpiece Classic aired the final episodes of Jane Austen’s Emma on Sunday night. If you missed it, you can watch the mini-series online here. It’s worth it.

I’m looking forward to Masterpiece Classic‘s March 28 feature, Sharpe’s Challenge, because of its major WTF factor. The co-star playing opposite Sean Bean’s Richard Sharpe is none other than Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi.