That Was Ty-riffic

Tonight’s Rock Star was an episode of firsts: the first time we heard Mig’s song “Do or Die,” the first time Jordis was the worst performer, and the first time I voted for J.D. Like Suzie, Deanna and Ty, J.D. gave a solid performance; he hit the notes and didn’t overdo it. Suzie was the best of the night, and Ty’s rendition of “Proud Mary” was good, although I would’ve appreciated some dancing from his backup singers. Tina Turner wouldn’t tolerate that kind of stationary performance. And the house band made Deanna’s song sound like a real song.

Mig. Ugh. What was that, mate? It sounded like the theme from some 80s film about high school athletics. Picture it: Matthew Modine wins the wrestling tournament, credits roll and we hear, “I’m free fallin’, freestylin’…”. If it was really do or die, Mig, you’d be dead.

Someone stole Marty’s shoes! That has to be why he lost it and tanked the vocals during “I Alone.” It’s a crappy song anyway, but at least no dolphins cried during the filming of the show. God, I hate Live. And poor Jordis didn’t know what she was getting into when she picked “Dream On” by Aerosmith. I can’t imagine how much worse that performance would’ve been in person. If she’s not in the bottom three, I’m demanding a recount. Better yet, there could be some kind of ski-off or karate tournament while Mig’s song plays. Cobra Kai, never die!