People of Canada, Rise Up!

Now is your time, Canada, to show America what you’re really all abooot. It’s time to support your girl, Suzie. She’s gotten dogged the last two weeks on Rock Star: INXS and she didn’t deserve it. Her performance of Sam Cooke’s “Bring It On Home to Me” was lovely and far out classed Ty’s theatrics and J.D.’s insincerity. Next week, vote for Suzie and put someone who actually deserves it in the bottom three.

Predictions – I keep slightly revising my thoughts on how the rest of the show will play out, but I think I’m on to something here. The next four eliminations will go boy-girl-boy-girl. Here’s how I hope this scenario works: J.D.-Deanna-Ty-Suzie. J.D. and Ty are interchangeable at this point. INXS knows it would be impossible to work with J.D., but Ty’s campiness may have annoyed them enough to boot him first. I may tweak this a bit after next week’s elimination show, but I’m going to stand behind my final three choices: Jordis, Mig and Marty.