Great, Another Week of J.D.

An inevitable, yet disappointing elimination tonight on Rock Star. Ty was obviously not right for INXS (not because he’s black, as he suspects, but because he’s a douche), but why not boot J.D. first? J.D. can’t stay on pitch, he doesn’t try, and he’s annoying. Contrary to what most reality TV producers seem to think, negative drama like his does not make good TV. It makes the show as frustrating for the audience to watch as it is for the people on the show to experience. With a vocal competition program, there’s enough built-in drama waiting to see who’ll screw up, who picked a bad song, and who turns things around with a good performance.

How refreshing that, when asked to choose the opening act for her encore, Suzie didn’t hesitate or try to be magnanimous. She knew Marty was awesome during the performance show, so she picked him. And she knew she performed well, so she didn’t pretend like she thought she might be in the bottom three.

Suzie’s reactions always seem genuine. I’m telling you, she’s absolutely who INXS should pick, and she even got the crowd to sing along — a giant signal that the band should should pick her. Obviously, when they tour, “Bohemian Rhapsody” should be their encore.

Notes from the performance show:
What misguided sense of charity prompted CBS to hire that choir? They were wretched… Ty and Mig are squares, and it’s very hard to believe them when they try to rock. Mig, don’t give the horns again or I’ll sic  Ronnie James Dio on you… Jordis has an awesome dad, who should be a regular part of the show… Kirk Pengilly and his Dastardly Moustache deserve credit for calling Mig out for singing over all the instrumental parts in “Live and Let Die.” And the house band deserves credit for not laughing while singing those lame-ass backup vocals… Suzie’s jacket makes her look like a lion tamer.