Who’s Smilin’ Now (Episode 11-5)

Tonight’s episode of Survivor: Guatemala looked like Stephenie might be in for another week of losses. Nakum was demoralized after losing the previous Immunity Challenge, and this week’s reward was too cool for them to have a chance at winning it. The tribe who won the Reward Challenge would get a pitcher of margaritas, chips and dip, and a permanent swim cage for their camp. Complete with deck chairs and umbrella, the cage would provide them with a croc free area in which to swim. Something tells me that the ancient Maya had no such device.

The challenge consisted of a bunch of sequential tasks that didn’t really matter because Brandon won it for Yaxha on the first task. He easily beat Jamie, whose hairstyle indicated that he’d just woken up, in a rope cutting contest. Jamie wasn’t able to finish the first task before Yaxha had completed the whole challenge.

To pump up Nakum for the Immunity Challenge, Lydia did a dance called “the pancake,” too touching and graceful for me to describe with words. Meanwhile at Yaxha, the dastardly Brian was working on a way to turn team sentiment against Blake. Brian’s plan was simple: ask Blake a question and let Blake answer. Somehow, Blake’s stories about getting drunk failed to charm his fellow team members.

At the Immunity Challenge, team members worked together to catch balls flung by a catapult. Before the challenge, Jeff Probst asked Nakum why they looked so glum. Upon winning, Jamie taunted Yaxha by asking, “Who’s smiling now?” This offended the always calm and reserved Bobby Jon, who appears to get in a fight with Jamie on next week’s episode.

Brian’s plan to let Blake get himself voted off worked, much to Blake’s surprise. Viewers were then treated to the best Febreze “Survivor Family Moment” ever. Blake’s mother said that as soon as he got home she’d make him a pork sandwich. Thanks to his mom, Blake’s going to be called “Pork Sandwich” for the rest of his life. It seems like sweet justice for a guy who’d talk about his girlfriend’s breast size on national television. Or maybe that’s barbecued justice.