One Minute Means Everything (Episode 8-4)

A twenty minute mistake may have caused the Schroeder family to lose on their home turf on tonight’s Amazing Race: Family Edition. If only they’d listened to Stassi.

Like all 17-year-olds, Stassi Schroeder spent most of her time complaining that nobody would listen to her. Unfortunately, she was right to complain. Her dad, Mark, ignored her advice to ask for directions when they were lost and not to stop in the middle of a bike race to adjust the seat.

Mark’s biggest blunder was panicking and insisting that the family choose a later departure time rather than risk searching for an earlier one (Stassi’s suggestion). The Schroeder’s departed in the last group of teams, 20 minutes behind the second group. Had they left 20 minutes earlier, they might not have been hurt by sloppy navigation. But when Mark couldn’t find a park located 5 minutes from where he used to work, it was probably going to hurt anyway.

Everybody hates the Weavers, including me. It’s uncomfortable to watch a family who probably wasn’t that interesting or composed to begin with work through their grief. It would’ve been more pleasant to watch a solemn, respectful family use the race as a means of building new bonds to guide them to a brighter future. Instead we get a bunch of haggard, scantily clad ladies running around screaming. Oh, and Rolly, too.

The Bransens started this leg in first place and finished in first again, thanks to some information sharing with the Linz family. One of the indistinguishable Bransen girls shared a little more than was necessary with the Linzes, mooning them as they drove on the highway. I’m not sure what to make of a woman in her twenties who will moon someone while her dad is in the car.