Ancient Ruin (Episode 11-6)

Judd took center stage on tonight’s Survivor: Guatemala. From solving Immunity Challenges for other people to picking fights at Tribal Council, Judd stole the show.

But first, Jeff Probst threw the Survivors a twist when they arrived at the Reward Challenge. Instead of just competing for the reward of a barbecue feast, both tribes would head to Tribal Council that night. The tribe that won the Reward Challenge would also compete in a challenge for Individual Immunity. Whoever won Individual Immunity couldn’t be voted out and would get to observe the losing team’s Tribal Council as well.

In the Reward Challenge, two people from each tribe worked against a pair from the other tribe in order to push a giant ball of rubber bands (or something that looked like rubber bands) across a goal line. Jamie loudly celebrated his and Judd’s victory over Bobby Jon and Brandon. Bobby Jon took offense and chest bumped Jamie while barking at him. Evolution started to work in reverse and the two grew tails.

Nakum won the reward and moved on to the Individual Immunity Challenge, which consisted of untying bags of lettered tiles and using the tiles to form a two-word phrase. Judd, who couldn’t seem to get his bags untied, figured out the puzzle by looking at Rafe’s tiles and said the answer, “Ancient ruin, ancient ruin!” Rafe listened to Judd and won Individual Immunity.

Tension was high at Nakum’s Tribal Council as Margaret fingered Judd as the tribe’s best example of poor sportsmanship. Judd protested that he wasn’t “a bad sportsmanship,” and went on a tirade about Margaret. She called him a bully, and Judd proceeded to bully other tribe members into saying that he wasn’t. Stephenie, Jamie, and Lydia laughed through much of Judd’s rant and sided with him by voting Margaret out.

Rafe stuck around to observe Yaxha’s overly positive Tribal Council, in which everyone was praised and no one was criticized – basically the complete opposite of what had just happened with Nakum. Rafe was allowed to assign one tribe member immunity, with his pick revealed after everyone voted. Brian received five votes and wasn’t saved by Rafe’s immunity, which went to Gary. Since Gary was in no danger of being voted off, it was wise of Rafe not to upset anyone on Yaxha by influencing the results. With only 11 contestants remaining, it’s just about time to plan on how to get to the Final Three, and the fewer people mad at you the better.