Roasted Rhubarb. Ow! (Episode 1-10)

Somehow, Marcela survived another week on The Apprentice: Martha. But Martha did tell the petite chef to get a backbone, or at least look like she’s got one and stop slouching.

The highlight of the episode came early as Martha waited for the contestants to arrive at her home, Turkey Hill. Martha described the home in a voiceover of estate footage. The voiceover ended with Martha in her kitchen getting something out of the oven. She removed a casserole with one oven mitted hand and said, “Roasted rhubarb,” followed by, “Ow!” as she burned her unmitted hand on the dish. It’s comforting to know that even the great Martha can still injure herself in her kitchen. She’s just like the rest of us, only with an ankle bracelet.

Buick gave teams the task of creating a showroom display for the new Lucerne, a luxury car that sounds like it should be made of butter. Primarius placed the car in a gallery setting, with sleek leather benches, hors d’oeuvres, and stylized photos of the Lucerne. In the center of the display was a car on a shiny black platform. The concept was simple and sophisticated, and the lighting was great. There was only the smallest of chances that Dawna wouldn’t earn her third win as project manager.

Matchstick made absolutely sure that Dawna would get her win. Ryan developed Matchstick’s concept: the Lucerne is such a reliable part of your family, you might as well invite it to dinner. It was a goofy idea that could be a little cute if pulled off perfectly. Project manager Leslie wasn’t about to let that happen.

Instead of making the best of their original idea, Leslie listened to the advice of an outside PR professional and changed the video portion of their display. Then, while setting up the showroom display of a car parked next to a dinner table in a mock-dining room, Leslie decided that the table was too small. The team created a bigger table by stacking up some platforms and covering them with several mismatched tablecloths. It looked as elegant as it sounds.

When Matchstick convened in the conference room, Ryan got positive feedback for his concept and ran with it. He called Leslie out for changing plans and winding up with a sloppy final product. Leslie targeted Marcela who contributed little apart from running errands. But Marcela stuck with Ryan, and Martha agreed that Leslie was all talk and little action.

Martha’s send off letter to Leslie was very positive, encouraging her to pursue a career in marketing. Martha wrote that she and Charles sent their best wishes. Then, as a postscript, she wrote that Alexis sent her best wishes, too. First she burned herself and then forgot to mention her daughter in a letter. Two blunders in one night. What more could the rest of us mortals ask for?