Blood on the Walls (Episode 5-9)

“I thought she was a star,” Donald Trump said several times about
Andrea. But the other women of Synergy verbally savaged Andrea in the boardroom, leaving Trump no choice but to fire her at the end of this
week’s Apprentice.

was amazing that Synergy lost, considering Charmaine’s determination to
see Gold Rush Project Manager Lee fail at almost any cost. But
Charmaine’s spitefulness proved no match for Andrea’s poor graphic
design skills and sourpuss attitude.

Teams were given the task
of creating a souvenir brochure to raise money for the Statue of
Liberty/Ellis Island Foundation. Ameriquest donated $10,000 to the
foundation as sponsor of this task, an amount equal to roughly half of
the weekly tab that company execs expense at Tavern on the Green for
corporate luncheons.

Synergy, led by Allie again, took the ferry
to Ellis Island to shoot photos and gather information for the
brochure. While trying to fend off Andrea’s irrelevant questions, Tammy
left her research notebook at the information desk. She and Allie
hopped off the ferry to retrieve the book. When they returned to the
dock, the ferry was already headed back to Manhattan, leaving them
stranded for a couple hours.

This opened the door for Andrea to
really screw things up. She’d convinced Allie that she was a “graphics
expert,” and thus wasted two hours directing a professional graphic
designer to create an ugly brochure. Allie and Tammy made it to the
office to discover that they essentially needed to start from scratch.

in the face of criticism, Andrea told Allie, “Just get it done. It’ll
be perfect. It’ll be great,” and walked out of the room.

after five consecutive butt-kickings, Gold Rush had no such problems.
Tarek and Michael created a spiffy brochure, and Lee and Charmaine
called area hotels, reasoning that if they could get one outfit to buy
brochures in bulk, it would be hard to lose.

Energized by their
impressive brochure, Gold Rush staked out the sales location early —
the ferry terminal at Battery Park. The captive audience eagerly bought
the brochure on their way to Ellis Island. And, later in the day, one
of the hotels called Charmaine back and purchased 100 brochures.

sleepers Synergy arrived at Battery Park to find that most of the ferry
passengers had already purchased from Gold Rush, and those that hadn’t
weren’t interested in their inferior, more expensive product. The team
decided to try their luck selling on Ellis Island. Their luck remained

After turning off customers with her whimpering sales
pitch, Andrea told Allie that her skills would be better used trying to
make bulk sales. “I actually make several million dollars each year in
bulk sales,” she said. When Allie’s head stopped spinning, she told
Andrea that she should’ve brought that up yesterday, instead of an hour
before the task deadline.

Gold Rush triumphed, raising $1550 to
Synergy’s $840. Their reward was a round of golf with super-pro Vijay
Singh, who was disappointed that he couldn’t personally fire any of

In a planning session before the boardroom, Allie,
Roxanne, and Tammy tried to persuade Sean to join them in pinning the
failure solely on Andrea. The producers told Andrea to go eavesdrop —
er, I mean, Andrea happened to overhear the conversation. She then
wandered around muttering, “Those bitches lied about me,” until Sean
reassured her that at least he wouldn’t sell her out.

Allie was
undeterred in her quest, promising a slaughter in the boardroom: “There
will be blood on the walls. There will be f***ing blood everywhere!”
And Trump will bottle and market it to vampires as “Trumpsfusion.”

Synergy girls maintained their united front in front of Trump,
portraying Andrea as counterproductive, hard to work with, and a lousy
salesperson. Trump’s viceroys, daughter Ivanka and son Donald Jr.,
joined the fray, criticizing Andrea for not mentioning her bulk sales
experience when it would’ve made a difference.

Trump said that,
as of a few weeks ago, he never would have considered getting rid of
Andrea this soon. But, after what he’d heard in the boardroom, he fired
Andrea for wrecking her team’s chemistry. He congratulated his viceroys
by telling them, “Good job, kids.”

Andrea proved that she wasn’t
a totally unfeeling witch in the cab ride. Through tears and sniffles,
she said, “I guess there’s a reason why I work by myself.” If only she
would’ve shown some emotions earlier, it might have been Allie in the
cab instead.

Next week, Sean adds Tammy to his harem.