Some Bedouin Lovin’ (Episode 9-9)

BJ & Tyler crawled out of last place to hang on for one more week of The Amazing Race. But Fran & Barry fell behind in Australia and were eliminated.

teams left the Pit Stop in Oman, the penniless Hippies begged rival
teams for money, threatening to use a future Yield on any team that
didn’t pay up. Fran & Barry and Ray & Yolanda each chipped in,
but Monica & Joseph felt insulted and only added a blank sheet of
paper to the pile of cash.

At least Eric & Jeremy had the courtesy to write a $100 IOU on their hotel stationery.

& Barry were first to leave at 5:35 p.m., nearly three hours ahead
of the last-place Hippies. The clue instructed teams to head to the
Muscat airport and fly to Perth, Australia. Only one flight left that
evening, so there was a good chance the Hippies wouldn’t make it.

four lead teams had there own troubles making the flight. They all got
stuck in a traffic jam, thanks to the King of Oman’s arrival in town.
By the time the Hippies hit the road, they weren’t in a rush anyway, so
they stopped to pick up a hitchhiker: a Bedouin named Abdul Hamid.

a gas station, their new buddy Abdul paid for gas, mango juice, and
candy bars for the Hippies. He touched foreheads and noses with Tyler,
in the Bedouin version of “good-bye.” Feeling left out, BJ asked, “Can
I get some Bedouin lovin’?” Abdul obliged, and the Hippies were on
their way.

The first four teams were seated on the plane and
celebrating the Hippies demise, when BJ & Tyler boarded the plane
just before takeoff. Fran & Barry and Ray & Yolanda were the
only teams to even acknowledge the boys. Joseph just muttered, “I hate
the Hippies.”

Teams arrived in Perth, where they waited
overnight for a 7:30 a.m. ferry from Fremantle to Rottnest Island. They
rode tandem bikes up to a lighthouse where they found a Detour clue,
directing them to a nearby beach.

The Frat Guys reached the
beach first, electing to do a Detour called “Sea.” They swam into the
ocean and searched 50 crayfish pots, some stocked and some not. Each
member returned to the beach with one crayfish, as the clue had
specified. The task was easy, and they laughed at the teams who had
chosen the other Detour.

“Sand” required teams to drag heavy
branches across the beach and pile them up. It was especially tiring
after a long bike ride, and worse because teams had to bike back into
town when finished. The Hippies, Fran & Barry, and Ray &
Yolanda all completed the task.

Monica & Joseph got lost on
their way the beach, and then misread their clue and collected only one
crayfish, total, before having to go back out in the water to fetch a
second. Joseph poetically said, “We are the kings of not reading the
clue right and stuff.”

Back in Fremantle, the Frat Guys caught
an early ferry that got them to their next destination, Fremantle
Prison, 45 minutes ahead of the other teams. This was good for Jeremy,
who spent almost an hour wandering around lost before he finished his

One member of each team searched prison cells for a
Major Brand Name Sponsor’s flashlight with Major Brand Name Sponsor
batteries, and then found a hidden entrance to some underground tunnels
that contained the next clue. By the time the second team arrived,
Jeremy was still looking for the entrance to the tunnels.

he eventually found the tunnels, he was given a choice of spelunking
through a dry cave or canoeing through a flooded cave for clues. Jeremy
canoed the entire route without finding a clue. When he disembarked and
ran through the other cave, he found a clue almost immediately.

Frats and MoJo were just as stingy with accurate information as they
were with their money. Joseph wouldn’t tell Tyler if he was searching
the right prison cells for flashlights, and Jeremy recommended that
Joseph search the tunnels using a canoe.

The location of the Pit
Stop was only 1.5 miles away, and locals told Eric & Jeremy to walk
to it. After wandering for a while, they realized they should’ve hailed
a cab, but they couldn’t find one that was available. They arrived at
the Fremantle Sailing Club just as Monica & Joseph pulled up in a

Both teams sprinted to the finish mat, with the Frats
narrowly beating MoJo. Phil told Eric & Jeremy they’d won a trip to
Hong Kong for finishing in first place. Gracious loser Joseph punched
Jeremy in the arm.

Tyler and Yolanda held on to the spirit of
cooperation and worked together to find the entrance to the tunnels.
When Yolanda found her clue, she yelled, “I’m a badass bitch!” Fran was
last to the tunnels.

The last three teams all cabbed it to the
Pit Stop, with the Hippies arriving in third and Ray & Yolanda in
fourth. Fran & Barry arrived last and were told that it was an
elimination leg. They said they look forward to being one of those cute
old couples that walks around holding hands, but not for another 30
years or so.

Next week, teams wade into croc-infested waters, and the feud between MoJo and the Hippies intensifies.