It’s Called Karma (Episode 9-10)

Sorry about the lateness of this recap. I went with my niece to see Sesame Street Live on Wednesday, and I didn’t get to catch up on TAR until later. At SSL, Big Bird & Snuffleupagus were able to overcome their personal differences and arrive at the Pit Stop first. In a shocking finish, alpha-monsters Oscar & The Count finished in last and were eliminated.

The Hippies survived another last place finish, thanks to this season’s second non-elimination leg of The Amazing Race. But this time, they’ll have to beg for more than money at the start of the next leg.

of the teams were forced to wait for a bell tower to open before they
could hunt for their first clue, and there was plenty of tension still
simmering between the Hippies and MoJo. BJ & Tyler tried to deflect
some of Joseph’s anger onto Eric, who had been flirting with Monica.
Instead, Joseph became even angrier with the Hippies for pointing it

Before the bell tower opened at 8 a.m., teams called a cab
company and arranged for taxis to wait for them outside of the tower.
Eric, who’d reserved a car under an alias, called the company back and
cancelled the cabs reserved for Ray and Tyler.

Teams grabbed
their clues and returned to the bottom of the tower to find only MoJo’s
cab waiting, giving them a head start on their way to the airport. Ray
confirmed with the cab company that their taxi had been cancelled, and
he ordered a new pair of cabs. Naturally, Ray and Tyler assumed that
Joseph had cancelled their taxis, and Eric didn’t bother to correct

Ray & Yolanda and the Hippies were picked up, leaving
the Frat Boys in last place. Jeremy reflected on Eric’s cab-cancelling
prank and figured out why they were left behind: “It’s called karma.”

everyone arrived at the airport and boarded the same plane to Darwin,
Australia. There, teams had to wade into a pool of crocodiles at a
crocodile sanctuary to retrieve their clue. In the cab to the
sanctuary, Yolanda mused, “Black people wouldn’t be stupid enough to
get into a pool of crocodiles…or would they? Because that’s what
we’re about to do.” Ray replied, “For one million dollars, they would.”

limbs were lost in the croc pen, and the clues informed teams that a
Yield awaited them at the site of the Roadblock. MoJo and the Hippies
arrived at the next location at the same time, with the Hippies
narrowly beating MoJo to the Yield mat. As promised, BJ & Tyler
forced Monica & Joseph to wait before they could complete the

The remaining teams soon arrived at the Roadblock,
and BJ, Eric, and Ray went skydiving to earn their next clue. Monica
and Joseph argued on the mat, with Monica insisting that it wasn’t fair
that the Hippies yielded them. Joseph’s attempts to bully Monica into
cheerfulness failed, and the two fought for an extra minute after their
Yield time had run out.

Teams were guided to find their next
clue in a field of termite mounds. Tyler jokingly feared for the safety
of his peg leg. The clue gave them two Detour choices: Wet or Dry. The
Hippies and Frat Guys chose Wet, opting to hike and swim one mile
through a jungle river.

The Dry option was actually the quicker
of the two, even if it didn’t sound so on paper. Each team had to drive
six miles off-road to a rock formation, where they then picked one of
several didgeredoos. Following the sound of music, they had to find a
musician whose didgeredoo sported the same pattern as their own. After
each team member successfully blew a note on the instrument, they
received their next clue.

The off-road portion turned out to be
a simple dirt road, and not the muddy fields some teams anticipated.
Ray & Yolanda finished the task quickly and passed MoJo on their
way back to the main highway.

Meanwhile, the Hippies and Frats
endured what BJ called “prolonged torture” as they hiked and swam what
felt like much longer than one mile. Both teams avoided the river’s
poisonous spiders and plants and got their next clue, which instructed
them to drive to the Pit Stop.

Ray & Yolanda arrived in
first place, winning each of them a one-year lease on a Mercedes. Ray
beamed, prompting Phil to remark that this was the happiest he’s seen
Ray all race.

The Hippies and Frats flagged down a car to ask
for directions. While they were stopped, MoJo drove past them. The two
all-male teams jumped into their cars and sped to the Pit Stop. All
three teams arrived at the same time, parked quickly, and raced on foot
to the mat.

The five men ran in a group toward the pit stop, which was on the far
side of a short and narrow bridge over a riverbed. Monica lagged
behind, but only by a few seconds.

As Jeremy, Tyler, and Joseph crossed the bridge, Eric and BJ thought it
would be faster to cross the river on foot. For Eric, it was, and he
and Jeremy ended up on the mat first of the three teams.

But BJ, who’d driven from the Detour in only his boxers and t-shirt,
struggled to navigate the river rocks without shoes. Monica ran across
the bridge and beat BJ by seconds, putting the Hippies in last place
for the leg.

Joseph, the sore winner, screamed at BJ &
Tyler, “You yielded us! We beat you!” Phil informed the teams that Eric
& Jeremy had arrived in second place, Monica & Joseph in third,
and BJ & Tyler in fourth.

Fortunately for the Hippies, this
was a non-elimination leg, meaning that they’ll be back next week —
but with no money and only the clothes on their backs. BJ tried to stay
optimistic, telling Phil, “at least we have less to lose,” since most
of their possessions were confiscated at the last non-elimination leg.

week, BJ has to find pants and a pair of shoes, and teams fly to
Thailand. Eric gets frustrated while preparing a feast for some
monkeys, and Monica has a meltdown that could rival her Italian
fish-carrying breakdown.