Whilst Supplies Last (Episode 5-11)

What’s one cheerleader between friends? Apparently a lot, since that’s what got Michael fired on this week’s episode of The Apprentice.

and Michael returned from the boardroom after both Tarek and Charmaine
were fired, but the women of Synergy were still obsessed with what had
happened in the boardroom the week before.

Roxanne and Allie
were upset that Sean hadn’t yet apologized to Allie for saying that she
should have been fired instead of Andrea. The women discussed the topic
at such volume that Sean had to wear earplugs just to get some sleep.

following morning, the remaining six contestants headed to Rutgers
University for this week’s task. Because Gold Rush had only two
remaining members, Trump asked one member of Synergy to join Lee and
Michael on Gold Rush. Sean wasted no time in volunteering himself.

with Outback Steakhouse, the teams had to throw tailgate parties at the
Rutgers homecoming football game against Navy. Sean embraced the idea
of selling steak with his new teammates: “I feel like a man again!”

took the helm for Gold Rush and decided to focus on events to drive
traffic to their assigned parking lot. This included an eating contest,
a money booth, and an exclusive appearance by the Rutgers cheerleaders.

was also interested in working with the cheerleaders, and Allie
negotiated with their coach to split the squad in two. When the coach
informed Michael of the new deal, he saw no problem with it — he
thought it wouldn’t be fair to have such an advantage over Synergy —
but he wanted to confirm it was okay with his Project Manager.

and Sean laughed at the idea of giving Synergy even one cheerleader for
their event. They instructed Michael to remind the coach that their
deal was for an “exclusive” appearance. Of Michael’s plan to breach his
own team’s exclusivity deal, Sean exclaimed, “No, wanker, no!”

led by Roxanne, abandoned the idea of special events and opted just to
promote their party at the pep rally the night before. But by the time
Roxanne and Tammy finished making their flyers, the pep rally was over.

Rush, on the other hand, had blanketed the rally with flyers — after
making some adjustments to Sean’s copywriting. Lee and Michael made fun
of Sean’s British vernacular when he’d written that food would be for
sale “whilst supplies last.”

On Homecoming day, Gold Rush’s
events brought out huge crowds. Lee priced the chicken and steak for $4
and the onion appetizer and soup for $2, reasoning that college kids
wouldn’t have much cash on hand for food. Sean and Lee tried to drive
people toward the sales tent whilst Michael ran the eating contest,
watched the money booth, and basically spent the day talking into a

Roxanne decided that if Synergy wasn’t going to have
the official cheerleaders at their party, her team would dress like
cheerleaders themselves. They priced every item at $5 and delivered
food to smaller parties in every parking lot. Allie sold $200 worth of
food to the baseball team alone, after she agreed to learn the Rutgers
school cheer.

The delivery strategy paid off big time, and
Synergy outsold Gold Rush by $1000. For their reward, Roxanne, Tammy,
and Allie were flown by helicopter to a vineyard on Long Island, where
they stomped grapes to make their own wine. Allie’s was a perky
Cabernet, which I believe she called “Blood Everywhere!

the suite, Sean and Lee faulted Michael for being tethered to his
mocrophone, and not selling enough food. Michael felt that Lee had
spent too much time planning a spectacle, and not enough time on sales

Everyone stuck with their positions in the boardroom,
and Viceroy George was upset with Lee for dropping the ball on pricing.
College students bring plenty of money to football games to buy beer,
George said, so they would’ve willingly spent a few extra dollars for

The biggest laughs came at Michael’s expense, after Lee
brought up the proposed deal for sharing the cheerleaders. Michael
protested that he was merely trying to be fair to his competition and
put the cheerleading coach at ease, but Trump and his viceroys thought
willfully giving away assets was just stupid.

Trump fired Michael to teach him a lesson: “When you have a cheerleader, you never give her up.”

the cab, Michael was upset with himself for losing over such a small
thing at this late stage in the game. But he still couldn’t believe
that what he did was worse than actually losing the task — considering his
cheerleader-sharing plan ultimately never came to fruition, anyway.

Next week, the show moves one hour later to 10e/9c, and teams work to promote the Xbox 360.