DWTS Offseason Update: 6-4-06

Hip-Hop Idol
“America’s Next Hip-Hop Stars” is the working title for Master P’s latest project, a hip-hop version of American Idol, complete with audience voting. The show doesn’t have a network yet and could wind up as a pay-per-view special.

DJ Jerry
Jerry Rice may soon be joining the ranks of celebrities with satellite radio shows. He’s in talks with Sirius to become a host on their NFL channel.

Hatfields vs. McCoys ’06
The Simpson-Lachey divorce is taking its toll on their families. Drew Lachey and Ashlee Simpson initially tried to remain friends but have stopped talking, as Nick’s and Jessica’s divorce drags on.

The Real Deal Returns
Evander Holyfield’s short stint on the first season of Dancing with the Stars didn’t satisfy his lust for the limelight, so he’s planning on getting back into the boxing ring. His planned comeback bout is scheduled for July but may be delayed if he can’t get medical clearance — or an opponent.