Season Preview and Week 1: Reality Episode

Rock Star: Supernova’s first televised episode airs tomorrow
night, but the season’s first web-only episode is already online.
Here’s a look at all of the contestants, along with a recap of the
first web episode.

The Dudes
Chris Pierson
– A moody, introspective singer from Atlanta who bears an unfortunate
resemblance, both vocally and physically, to pretentious Creed frontman
Scott Stapp.
Josh Logan – New Hampshire native who
thinks that Pearl Jam, Bon Jovi, Stevie Wonder, and Tupac Shakur
constitute an interesting and diverse group of musical influences.
Lukas Rossi
– Canadian who wears more makeup than anyone else in the mansion. But
he’s worked with Alex Lifeson of Rush, so he can do whatever the hell
he wants.
Magni – An Icelandic pop star who, like all Icelandic pop stars, only needs one name.
Matt Hoffer – A Chicago boy who can go back to being a rockin’ real estate agent if this whole rock ‘n’ roll thing doesn’t work out.
Phil Ritchie – Maryland native who looks as un-metal as you can get, even with his requisite chin spinach.
Ryan Star
– Hails from Long Island, New York and uses the clever stage name
R.Star to hide the fact that he’s got the same name as a former
American Idol contestant.
Toby Rand – Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, Oi, Oi!

The Babes
Dana Andrews – Georgia girl with a Marie Osmond vibe (a little bit country).
Dilana – Tough chick from South Africa with lots of tattoos and, like Magni, only one name.
Jenny Galt – Sweet Canadian girl who looks too nice to be hanging around the likes of Tommy Lee.
Jill Gioia – Shrimpy New Yorker who has a pair of shoes named after her.
Patrice Pike – Texas gal who looks like the bad girl version of Nicole Jamrose from Nashville Star.
Storm Large – Yes, that is her real name.
Zayra Alvarez – Native Puerto Rican who performs in English and Spanish.

The first online episode of Rock Star: Supernova
found the contestants observing a jam session by the band members in a
recording studio. Tommy Lee greeted the contestants with a cheerful,
“Welcome, kids.” Several responded, “Hi, Dad,” reminding us of just how
creepy it will be when old man Tommy starts hitting on the young ladies.

Tommy and bandmates Gilby Clark and Jason Newsted asked for volunteers
to make up lyrics for their new track and sing them in front of the
group. Like students in a Physics class, everyone looked at the ground,
assuming that if they didn’t make eye contact with Tommy, they wouldn’t
have to go first.

Eventually, Chris offered to go first, earning
him points with the band and his competitors. He yarled a chorus and
verse without embarrassing himself. Tiny Jill went next and showed that
one need not be large to have powerful pipes.

Zayra revealed
herself as the contestant likely to be voted off first with her bizarre
in-studio attempt. Dressed like early-80s Rick Springfield, she squawked
goofy lyrics like, “This is the way we rock and roll, baby. This is the
way we like it.” Gilby said he was confused by her performance, while
Jason simply shook his head.

Everyone else performed admirably,
except for Ryan. He refused to even try, claiming later that it was a
strategic move–though it seemed more borne of self-consciousness.
However, the band viewed it as a lack of commitment to the project,
putting him at a serious disadvantage.

The contestants checked
out the mansion, which is the same as last season (as is the show’s
theme song, “New Sensation” by INXS). People picked out their roommates
and bedrooms, but Ryan was left out of the process. His refusal to
participate in the studio session isolated him socially from the other
contestants. He wound up in the last available bed, in a room with a
couple of the other guys.

When it came time for song selection,
several of the disputes were settled through arm wrestling and
rock-paper-scissors contests. Chris foolishly chose “Roxanne” by the
Police, only to discover that the vocals were out of his range. Many of
the songs available were repeats from last season.

If last
season was any indication, Ryan could be this season’s ringer. He was
practicing the Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris” as the episode closed, and he
sounded pretty good. Last season, JD Fortune was a social outcast in
the mansion, before being chosen as INXS’s lead singer. Jill looks like
an early favorite as well, with the right brand of pretty vocals and
grungy screams.

Don’t think for a second that the women don’t
have a shot in a band of high-testosterone headbangers. Supernova’s
producer, Butch Walker, has written and produced for Avril Lavigne and
Pink, so he’s used to working with female vocalists. And if the band
members really want to do something different than what they’ve done in
the past, the easiest way is by hiring a female singer.

in the most trouble, based on her studio performance, and Chris could
be in trouble as well if he can’t get a handle on his song. Voting
starts immediately following tomorrow night’s TV premiere and will
remain open for four hours. Go to the official Rock Star: Supernova website to cast your vote online.