Week 2: Reality Episode

Big news from CBS. Rock Star: Supernova has changed nights, due to the poor performance it put up last week against So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Got Talent. Performance shows will now air on Tuesday nights at 9 EST, and Elimination episodes will air Wednesday nights at 8 EST.

this week’s reality episode is any indication, there will be at least a
few awful performances — not exactly what CBS was hoping for to turn
the show’s fortunes around.

After Matt’s elimination, the
rockers raised a toast in his honor at the mansion. Phil recognized
that he survived elimination because of his song choice more than his
performance. Only half-jokingly, Ryan told Phil, “We don’t know how
you’re still here.”

Chris felt that his own continuing presence
was deserved, and then told Lukas that Phil probably wasn’t long for
the competition. Privately, Lukas said that Chris had better do more to
show why all of his self-confidence is warranted.

Dilana wasn’t
sure that being picked for the season’s first encore was entirely a
good thing. She feared that early favoritism might earn her enemies in
the mansion, and she wasn’t comfortable with the added pressure — a
surprising change from the fearless performance she gave.

it came time for the second round of song selection, contestants took
the task much more seriously than they did the first time. Phil became
nervous when he only recognized three of the fourteen possible songs.

wanted to sing “Violet” by Hole, until she heard Jill practicing the
vocals. Since she didn’t know the song particularly well, and Jill did
such a good job just practicing it, Zayra traded songs with Jill.

song Zayra wound up with, “You Really Got Me” by The Kinks, was just as
unfamiliar to her as the Hole song. It showed during rehearsals with
the House Band. About Zayra’s rehearsal, house band leader Paul said
simply, “It’s really bad.”

Chris felt sure that he’d erased all
memories of his wretched rendition of “Roxanne” with his performance of
“L.A. Woman.” But Paul said that Chris wasn’t out of the woods yet.
Paul repeatedly tried to teach Chris the melody of his song, “Take Me
Out” by Franz Ferdinand, but Chris was never able to correctly repeat
the melody back to Paul.

Eager to show her versatility, Dilana
decided to rearrange Johnny Cash’s classic “Ring of Fire” as a ballad.
The House Band tried to get into the spirit of the rearrangement, but
predicted that Dilana will either get all of the audience votes or none
at all.

Dilana was aware of the risk she was taking. “It could be the death of me.”

And emphasizing just how long people’s memories are, she said, “It could be my ‘Roxanne’.”