Week 1: Elimination Show

Matt was the first singer eliminated from Rock Star: Supernova, giving
the audience a better idea of what Supernova will ultimately sound
like. Here’s a hint: they won’t sound like Duran Duran.

episode began with a look at some of the footage from the web episode
— and some questions about last night’s performances. Dave Navarro
asked Chris if he regretted picking “Roxanne,” to which he foolishly
answered, “No.”

New footage filmed at the mansion after the
performance show further indicated that Chris may be a little
delusional. In an interview snippet, he said,”I wouldn’t be here if I
wasn’t one of the best singers in the world.” There are probably
several hundred platinum-selling artists who would disagree.

that evening at the mansion, Lukas put Dana on the spot by asking her
to name the singers she thought deserved to be in the bottom three.
When Matt turned the question back on Lukas, he wouldn’t answer, only
saying, “A lot of you sucked.”

After the footage, we returned to
the live footage. Dave asked Lukas to finally spill his bottom three.
Lukas picked Chris, Dana, and Jenny.

The Supernovans then
announced their favorite performance from the previous show. They
picked Dilana to do an encore of “Lithium.”

Brooke asked all of
the contestants who were in the bottom three at some point during the
previous night’s voting to stand. Chris, Phil, Magni, Matt, Zayra, and
Ryan were all asked to rise.

Brooke announced that the final
members of the bottom three would be allowed to perform songs of their
choosing. Here’s who went, and how they did:

Chris – “L.A. Woman” by The Doors
song showed the limits are of Chris’ voice. He has no high range —
it’s like he’s doing a poor Ian Astbury imitation. But it was an
improvement over “Roxanne.”

Phil – “Stars” by Switchfoot
has no charisma. The way he carries himself makes it look like he’s
made of Jell-o, and he sounds like he just came from the dentist. He
slides to hit every note. Time to go back to the chem lab, Phil.

Matt – “Planet Earth” by Duran Duran
obviously was surprised to be in the bottom three. He sang the slowest
song of the night, which usually doesn’t go over well with the voting
public. Duran Duran was a weird choice, but Matt had rearranged the
song to make it heavier.

Unfortunately, the band just looked
confused during the performance. Too bad Butch wasn’t around to stick
up for Duran Duran. Matt sounded really good, but he might be better
suited for a band like The Killers.

When it came time to
eliminate someone from the competition, Supernova immediately sent Phil
back to the group, because Tommy’s a fan of Switchfoot. Then, Tommy
stressed the importance of song selection and eliminated Matt.

Matt’s credit, he was so gracious in his farewell speech that he made
Tommy feel awful for having kicked him off of the show. Tommy should
feel bad, because he booted the only one of those three who can
consistently sing well.

So now we know that the men of Supernova
lack any sense of humor (or irony), and — despite their protestations
that their band is not metal — anyone who picks a song that does not
at least qualify as hard or classic rock is in serious jeopardy. Good
luck to Matt. He’s better off without these chumps anyway.