Week 2: Elimination Show

Somehow, the tone-deaf, vocally-challenged, combative Zayra survived this week’s elimination episode of Rock Star: Supernova.
Maybe the band likes her chutzpah. Maybe the producers think
she makes for good car-wreck TV (I agree). Or maybe it was because it was her
first trip to the bottom three. Whatever the reason, bland Southerner
Chris — in the bottom three for the second week in a row, despite his
awesome perm — got the old heave ho.

The episode began with
footage from the mansion, which was filmed immediately after the
performance show ended. Lukas, Chris, and Jill were defensive about the
negative comments they’d received from the band. However, Toby reminded
them that it was in their own best interests to act on Supernova’s
advice, since they are the ones who will ultimately choose the winner.

asked about the footage and their comments from the performance show,
nearly every contestant was conciliatory, if not obsequious. But Zayra
wouldn’t back down from her statement that the guys in Supernova had
their heydays when she was still an infant.

Gilby asked Zayra if
she felt it was important to be familiar with the Supernovans past
albums. Zayra explained, “I am familiar, but you asked if I owned
anything.” She elaborated that, growing up in Puerto Rico, she couldn’t
afford to buy whole albums. She was only able to afford 45RPM record
singles. Gilby nodded and smiled with the smug satisfaction that comes
only from knowing you once amassed a huge fortune by taking every last
dime of disposable income from the pockets of young Puerto Rican girls.
I know that smile; I’ve worn it myself.

Toby gave an encore
performance of “Somebody Told Me” that was just as good as the night
before. Then it was time to announce which performers landed in the
bottom three.

Jenny was the only other person to spend time at
the bottom besides the three singers — Zayra, Chris, and Jill —
mentioned as the early bottom-feeders at the end of last night’s
performance show. Eventually, Jenny’s vote totals went back up, and the
original bottom three became the final bottom three.

Jill – “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence
was smart to do a song that Zayra butchered last week. Jill did a much
better job with it, and Zayra didn’t look amused during the
performance. This is the Jill we’ve waited to see. She set the bar
super high for Zayra and Chris.

Zayra – “You Really Got Me” by The Kinks
liked her own arrangement so much, Zayra decided she wanted a chance to
improve on her first performance. She actually did do a better job, not
that it could’ve been much worse. She added a few hysterical screams
that managed to stay in key, and she added some spastic upper body
movements as well. She showed that she might have the potential to be
more of a performance artist than even Dilana.

Chris – “If You Could Only See” by Tonic
this was authentic Chris, I think I want inauthentic Chris back. His
eyes were squinting and reopening out of sync with one another, and his
mouth looked like a hole punched through a piece of sad, wet clay; his
face looked like it was melting. But he actually did a decent job
singing. It was the best we’d heard from Chris, so at least he got to
end on a high note.

After deliberating with his bandmates, Gilby
commended Jill on her voice, Zayra on her performance, and Chris on his
willingness to act on their comments. After a brief pause, Tommy told
Jill what the rest of us already knew. She was safe this week.

Chris’s efforts to change in order to please Supernova, Tommy told
Chris that he “didn’t cut it” and was the second rocker eliminated.
Zayra returned to the other contestants and celebrated by sitting in
Phil’s lap and lying on Magni.

Dave told Chris that tonight’s
performance was his best, and each of the guys made a point of
encouraging Chris. But like the band said, Zayra does put on a heck of
a show. That was reason enough to keep her around for another week.