Week 3: Reality Episode

Fears of picking the wrong song have turned the contestants on Rock Star: Supernova into a bunch of desperados. Suddenly, Lukas isn’t the only villain living in the Hotel California.

course, Lukas had to start this week’s reality episode by blurting out
something he shouldn’t have. As the rockers raised a toast to the
ousted Chris, Lukas said that, were he in Supernova, he would’ve
eliminated someone else.

The band’s only other two elimination
options this past week, Zayra and Jill, didn’t appreciate Lukas’s
statement. Jill asked a question wondered by many: “Why can’t he just
keep his mouth shut?”

Lukas finally did just that the next day,
at the rockers’ first clinic. While waiting for his turn to sing in
front of vocal coach Liz Lewis, he fidgeted nervously and quietly with
his beard.

Reluctantly, he snarled the Heart song “What About
Love,” and Liz told him exactly what Jason Newsted did last week: Lukas
is ruining his vocal chords. Coming from a professional voice coach,
rather than a has-been bassist, Lukas seemed to take her warnings more

Dilana emerged from the clinic as the singer with
perhaps the greatest potential. She started her lesson insisting that
her range was limited. But when Liz forced her to sing in a higher key,
Dilana was delighted to hear that her voice sounded stronger and more
beautiful when she wasn’t growling.

The following day,
friendships were tested during this week’s song selection. Josh was the
first to spot the posted songs, and he decided on his favorite before
telling the others that the songs were up.

When everyone entered
the room, Toby said that he’d keep a tally of who was interested in
each song. But Josh declared that he’d be taking “Come As You Are” by
Nirvana. When Dana — probably the only contestant who would do a worse
job with the song –tried to negotiate with him, Josh sat on the sheet

Following Josh’s lead, and ignoring Toby’s requests that
everyone adhere to his list system, Patrice grabbed the music for
“Helter Skelter” by The Beatles. Jill, who’d been deciding between that
song and a few others, confronted Patrice about her aggressive act.

they argued, Patrice played both aggressor and victim. First, she held
up a finger and asked Jill, “Were you passionate about it?” as if her
desire for the song gave her more leverage to pick it over any other
contestant. Then, after going on the attack, Patrice informed Jill that
her perception of events was simply a misinterpretation.

said that their conflict wasn’t about the song but Patrice’s refusal to
negotiate. Jill said, “I don’t need to do it [the song].”

Interpreting the comment as a dig, Patrice shot back, “Don’t think I need to do it, ’cause you know I don’t.”

As Patrice walked away, Jill yelled, “Maybe you do. That’s why you’re so ‘passionate’ about it.”

rehearsal with the House Band, Zayra came up with a goofy arrangement
for her song, “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M. As she described what she
wanted, Jim the guitarist said, “What you’re describing sounds like an

Zayra casually replied, “That’s fine.”

Jim pointed out the obvious: “We’re not an orchestra.”

didn’t go much better for the band during their rehearsal with Lukas.
He tried to improve “Let’s Spend the Night Together” by the Rolling
Stones by adding some Marilyn Manson-type loop effects to it.

Band members all shrugged an went along with it, but keyboard player
Paul predicted a bad outcome for Lukas on performance night.
Apparently, Gilby Clarke is a huge Rolling Stones fan and won’t
appreciate the way Lukas tampered with one of that band’s classics.