Week 3: Elimination Show

Three of the shows least rockin’ performers landed in the bottom three of the latest Rock Star: Supernova. Josh and Dana fought to
stay on the show, while Jenny seemed resigned to elimination. The band
rewarded her unenthusiastic effort by sending her home.

At the
mansion after last night’s performance show, Dana complained that the
Supernovans were picking on her, and she asked the other women what she
was doing wrong. Dilana told her to get dirty, “open your legs”
onstage, and don’t worry about being pretty. Alongside Storm and
Dilana, Dana watched a video of her “It’s My Life” performance. Dana
admitted that she finally saw why the band had been tough on her.

another room, Ryan, Toby and Lukas also watched Dana’s video. They
weren’t impressed. Ryan said that Dana was good but didn’t belong on
this particular show.

At the elimination show, Dana asked Ryan
why he hadn’t said that to her face. He responded that he had told her
not to sing the Bon Jovi song, but that she ignored him.

Ryan and Dana sorted out their differences, the band asked Magni to
give an encore performance of STP’s “Plush.” His gigantic glasses also
showed up for the encore.

Host Brooke reminded viewers that
Dana, Jenny, and Ryan were the performance show’s early low-vote
getters. As the evening of the performance show wore on, Josh and Zayra
also spent time at the bottom. As always, the final bottom three was
revealed one at a time, just before each performed.

Jenny – “Vasoline” by Stone Temple Pilots
her skull belt buckle and knee high socks, Jenny looked a lot like
Avril Lavigne. Unfortunately, producer Butch wasn’t around to
appreciate it. Jenny took the stage with slumped shoulders, as if she
expected to be eliminated. Jenny jumped around and tried to rock, but
the song didn’t suit her, and Supernova scowled during the entire
performance — not a good sign.

Dana – “High Road Easy” by Sass Jordan
was obviously not the first time she’d performed this song, and she was
much more comfortable than she had been during any previous
perfomrance. Dana really saved herself by choosing a song she knew she
could rock. Her voice was on, and her confidence boosted her stage

Josh – “Heart-Shaped Box” by Nirvana
vocal coach totally messed with Josh’s head by telling him not to move
his jaw from side to side. He’s stopped opening his mouth at all, and
has been singing with his teeth clenched. He did his best Kurt Cobain
impression during this song, which should send the band the message
that Josh can sing soul or karaoke, and nothing in between.

the performances, Tommy called himself “Hatchet Man” and hemmed and
hawed and whined that eliminating people sucks — exactly like he did
in the previous elimination shows. This week, he mixed in some Jaws
sound effects, making the elimination process even more drawn out and
uncomfortable than it needed to be.

Dana was told she was safe. And then Jenny was given the boot. Tommy told her, “You just didn’t cut it, baby. It’s okay.”

was gracious in defeat and said that the show taught her not to always
make safe choices. She felt that being a part of the process “was the
best slap in the face” she’d ever gotten.