Week 4: Reality Episode

Last season’s songwriting clinic produced tragic results for the eardrums of Rock Star: INXS fans. Mercifully, Supernova
contestants wrote songs significantly better than the Ty Taylor
debacle, “Stop Go.” However, my two-year-old niece also writes songs
better than “Stop Go,” and she’s stealing lines from the Wiggles.

day after Jenny’s elimination, Gilby Clarke informed the contestants
about the songwriting clinic. They’d be split into three teams, and
each team would come up with lyrics and a melody to accompany a track
otherwise written and performed by Supernova.

Dilana, Toby, and
Magni, the winners of the first three encores, were named team
captains. The captains picked their teams, with Lukas being chosen
first overall. Pop princess Dana was left for last.

all-star team of Lukas, Ryan, and Storm listened to the track and got
right to work, banging out the chorus in a matter of minutes. But their
progress was stymied when Lukas lost focus and left the room in a
futile search for beer.

Toby, Phil, Patrice, and Zayra were
making progress until Patrice accidentally erased their copy of the
track. But by then they’d already settled on what they thought was the
key to their success — singing through a megaphone. It worked for J.D.
last season.

The only team with a chemistry problem was Magni’s
crew. Jill started to suggest lyrics immediately, while Magni insisted
that they listen to the track a few times first. When she said that
wasn’t the way she liked to work, Magni responded, “I honestly don’t
give a rat’s ass.”

Josh played peacemaker, going after Jill when
she left the room. But it was Dana’s ideas for the chorus that finally
got them working together as a group. Magni correctly guessed that he
was the only one who’d actually written with a band before.

members of Supernova dropped by the house the next day to listen to the
teams’ songs. Tommy Lee was most impressed by Dilana’s team after they
performed their rocking melody. Toby’s team created a more eclectic
sound that the Supernova described as “quirky” (rarely a
compliment–Crispin Glover is also “quirky”) but “entertaining.” And
Magni’s group produced the best harmonies, and the band appreciated
their gospel-like sound.

The clinic was not a true contest, so
there were no winners. And the only prize for participating seemed to
be a few clues as to what direction the band planned to take. Tommy
said the band would be veering away from bluesy sounds. Supernova
played some of their other tracks for the contestants, and the music
sounded poppier than anything the members had played in previous clips.

song selection the next day, contestants found a note from Gilby which
stated that he’d be playing guitar on “Brown Sugar” by the Rolling
Stones. After some deliberation, it was decided that Jill would perform
with Gilby.

Whenever Rock Star contestants want to show
their tough side, it seems they sing a Nirvana song. This week, Dana
fought for the Nirvana song, “About a Girl.” The rest of the girls
fought for Blondie’s “Call Me.” Zayra was able to persuade the others
that it was her only way to stay out of the bottom 3.

The only
rehearsal footage shown was of Jill with Gilby and the House Band. When
Jill suggested changing the song’s key to something better for her
voice, Gilby joked with her, “You singers kill us.” Almost inevitably,
a key change makes the singer sound better and the guitars sound worse.
But, since the show is about singers, Gilby sucked it up and consented
to the change.