Week 4: Performance Show

This week’s Rock Star: Supernova performance show had a bit of
everything. Storm blew everyone away with a song nobody had ever heard
of. Dilana became Dilauper. Josh and Patrice treated us to their
special brand of soulless white soul. Dana came off as a little
unhinged, which worked for her. Live made Ryan come alive. Jill’s
onstage antics with Gilby drove him to file a sexual harrassment suit
against her. And Zayra wore her planet’s equivalent of the little black
dress: a shiny, blue, rubber jumpsuit.

The show opened with a
clip from the reality episode, which showed the contestants hearing a
medley of Supernova tracks. After the clip, Gilby said he was excited that Supernova
had gotten to share some of their music with the contestants, who now
have a better idea of what kind of music the winner will be singing. Then it was on to the night’s performances.

Lukas – “Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verve
belted out the song with his signature growl, and this week, he
strapped on a guitar — though it was more prop than instrument. Tommy
said the version was heavy, but it sounded like the original to me.
Jason still wishes Lukas would “open up” his throat when he sings.

Zayra – “Call Me” by Blondie
was hard to listen to Zayra and not be distracted by her skin-tight
space majorette outfit. Once she warmed up, her vocals were pretty good
— for Zayra. As bad as she is, she has improved each week. Dave, in an
attempt to encourage her, I think, told her to get started on her solo
career right now.

While Zayra is a pretty girl, every time
Brooke stands next to her, all of Zayra’s flaws are magnified. If I was
her, I’d fight to make sure I was never the last performer before a
commercial break.

Dana – “About a Girl” by Nirvana
went acoustic for this song, the second performer of the night to wield
a guitar. She finally figured out how to make her voice sound gritty.
Dave was complimentary: “You are finally looking damaged enough to be a
rock singer. There’s nothing worse than a… well-balanced rock singer.”

Patrice – “Remedy” by the Black Crowes
performed with all of the enthusiasm of someone who’s been performing
the same set of covers in Vegas for 20 years. Dave said, “I’m getting
bored,” and encouraged her to change up her performance a bit. When
Patrice asked Dave if he follows his own advice, he responded that he
already has a job; she doesn’t.

Toby – “White Wedding” by Billy Idol
song is great raw material for a talented singer. Toby did the song
justice. He’s starting to really look like he could front a heavy band,
interacting with the crowd and the House Band. Jason said that this was
his favorite performance from Toby thus far.

Magni – “Heroes” by David Bowie
another guitar-playing contestant. The band wanted more energy from
him, but admitted that his vocals were flawless. Magni defended his
choice to stand relatively still behind the mic stand as the best way
to pay tribute to an amazing song.

Ryan – “I Alone” by Live
was criticized last week for looking like he wasn’t having any fun on
stage. So this week, he came out angrier, yet looser, than ever, and it
totally worked. The band was impressed.

Jill – “Brown Sugar” by the Rolling Stones
couldn’t stop grinding on guest guitarist Gilby, and he called her out for it. He said
that, when women in rock resort to overt sexuality, “it’s cheap and
it’s weak.” Newly single Dave said, “If it was my band, we’d be
grinding for hours on end.”

Phil – “One Headlight” by The Wallflowers
spastic head movements are still his biggest problem, and even Tommy
worried that people might not be able to watch 90 minutes of Phil’s
bobble-headedness. I get motion sick after watching him for two
minutes. If he ever becomes famous, someone will make an immobile-head doll in his likeness.

Dilana – “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper
sat for this one, accompanied only by Jim on guitar, and drew the whole
audience into her performance. She sounded wonderful whispering the
verses of the song, and then stood up and transformed into typical Dilana during the
chorus, making the offer to “catch you” sound more like a threat. As
the band praised her, she graciously brought Jim back out for a bow.

Josh – “No Rain” by Blind Melon
It was a flat, passionless performance that left Jason shaking his head. If Josh winds up in the bottom three again, he’s dead meat.

Storm -“Anything, Anything” by Dramarama
was the only contestant who even knew this not-quite-a-hit from the
mid-’80s, but there was no way anyone could’ve performed this better
than she did. Near the end of the song, Storm chucked the mic in the
air and dove into the crowd. She’ll be getting the
encore tomorrow night.

Early Bottom 3:

the other contestants, Phil and Patrice are the most likely candidates
to dip into the bottom three at some point during the voting.

vote went to Storm. She finally showed what she was capable of, and her
skimpy, but not slutty, outfit showed how ripped she is.