Week 4: Elimination Show

Space case Zayra seemed like the obvious choice for elimination on this week’s Rock Star. Even she thought so. And Supernova admitted that they can’t really see her fronting their band. But the band shocked everyone when they sent wobbly-headed Phil home.

After Brooke narrated a brief montage of clips from last night’s show, Tommy again praised Storm for her stage dive. Patrice defended her boring performance, saying that she was aiming for consistency.

Dave asked Zayra where she got her performance show space suit, and she said she stole it from his wardrobe. Gilby told Zayra to pick a really heavy rock song next week and avoid any pop numbers.

Phil tried to blame his lousy performance on a weak set of songs to choose from, but Dave pointed to Dana and Dilana for having given strong, stripped down performances.

During footage filmed at the mansion after the performance show, Jill still didn’t understand why Gilby was uncomfortable with her dry humping him. Dana was pumped about her performance, but Dilana and Ryan said it wasn’t Supernova’s job to teach her how to be a rocker. She protested against her good girl image: “I’ve worn combat boots. I’ve worn a denim skirt.”

Back in the concert hall, Gilby went after Jill again for not absorbing his advice, learned through years of experience. “I played with Heart. Ann Wilson never had to stoop so low as to hump me to get her emotions out.” Nancy Wilson, however… total slut.

Gilby also said that the hyper-sexualized female rocker is the kind of cliched thing that you see at a Holiday Inn. Still not willing to accept any blame, Jill said, “but everything’s been done in rock n’ roll.” The band did not appreciate that comment, and Gilby wondered if everything would end in an argument if Jill was a member of their band.

Dana said that she was tired of being picked on, and that she was learning more from her housemates when they kept their mouths’ shut. Dilana, who’s made several efforts to help Dana, looked hurt.

The encore went to Storm, as predicted. When she lets go, she’s a lot of fun to watch — showing that you don’t have to do a Rolling Stones song to channel your inner Mick Jagger. Even the perpetually scowling Lukas smiled during the encore.

The early bottom three, Zayra, Jill, and Josh, were joined at some point during the voting by Phil and Patrice. The final members of the bottom three were as follows:

Patrice – “My Iron Lung” by Radiohead
The guys in the band liked the song choice, which meant Patrice would survive the cut no matter how she performed. But she seemed really comfortable on stage, and she even ventured into the crowd. Hopefully she’ll pay attention to how badly Jill’s combative attitude was perceived by the band and be a little more gracious next week if she gets criticized.

Zayra – “I’m Not an Addict” by K’s Choice
Zayra stuck with her outer space wardrobe, wearing a silver mini-kimono. She toned down her stage antics, and was accompanied only by Raphael on electric guitar. Zayra often has trouble with her diction, and she has moments that make you think she’s completely tone deaf. But then, when she gets the chance to pick her own material, she has moments of such power and beauty that I get chills. She’s not right for this band, but Zayra could do great — or terrible — things on her own.

Phil – “Smoking Umbrellas” by Failure
Phil was totally stunned to be in the bottom three. He should take it as a clue that his head bobbing turns people off. I’m not familiar with this song, but if the way he sang it was how it was supposed to sound, it was a bad choice. It just sounded like he was singing off-key the whole time. Although he couldn’t entirely keep his head from bobbling around, he did give an energetic performance.

All three of the performances were pretty good, so it came down to who the band thought was most committed to Supernova. They felt that Phil wanted to win the show more than he actually wanted to be a member of Supernova. Absolutely every one of the rockers, including Zayra, looked stunned that Phil was cut instead of Zayra.

After the show, Patrice said that Phil’s elimination was a wake-up call for the rest of the contestants. Rockers who thought they’d come on the show just to promote themselves better keep their bags packed.