Week 5: Elimination Show

Despite wearing combat boots and getting a tattoo, Dana was deemed too
young and sweet to front Supernova. It’s too bad that her tattoo was a
picture of Tommy Lee’s face on her ass. No, that’s my tattoo.

Brooke recapped last night’s Rock Star, Lukas was singled out for forgetting
his lyrics. He felt he deserved a spot in the bottom three and was
prepared to fight for his right to stay in the competition.

showed off her new tattoo at the elimination show: a treble clef on her
hip. And Magni proposed that the members of Supernova relocate to
Iceland if they pick him.

Ryan was awarded the encore for
“Losing My Religion,” accepting the honor with humility. That brings
the number of Ryan’s distinct emotions to two — humble and pissed off.

announced that Jill, Zayra, Toby, Patrice, and Dana all spent time in
the bottom three during the course of overnight voting. When Zayra’s
name was called, she yelled, “I knew it!” The final bottom three
comprised the following:

Jill – “Alone” by Heart
got off to a bad start by walking away from Gilby as he tried to speak
with her before her performance. But she redeemed herself in my eyes
and Gilby’s by picking a Heart song. While she still needs to work on
reining in some of her vocal power, she did a great job with a song
that totally suited her.

And Jill was only slightly overshadowed
by Jim the guitarist, who defied all laws of nature by singing Nancy
Wilson’s incredibily high-pitched backing vocals.

introducing the last two members of the bottom three, Brooke Burke
asked the remaining candidates to raise their hands if they skipped
pre-show rehearsal with the House Band. Dana and Toby raised their
hands. Appropriately, the next name Brooke called was Dana’s.

Dana – “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals
extra rehearsal wouldn’t have kept Dana from having to scoop up to
every note. I’ll throw out a tip from my high school Madrigal director:
when you’re flat on a note, smile. Seriously, it works. Dana’s
obviously had vocal training, but she doesn’t know how to adapt it to
rock n’ roll. When she scowls, she scoops.

Patrice – “Eternal Life” by Jeff Buckley
her trip to the bottom three last week, Patrice has performed every
song like it was her last. Yet, with as much effort as she’s putting
out, there’s obviously something about her that’s not resonating with
the home audience. At this point, the best she can hope for is to do
her best for the fans she already has, ’cause she hasn’t picked up any
new ones.

Gilby gave the surviving contestants an assignment for
the week: individually, write a melody and lyrics for a new Supernova
track. As for the performances he’d just witnessed, he told Jill that
she’d saved herself with tonight’s performance. He was still
disappointed in Patrice for disappearing in front of Tommy last night,
but Dana was given the boot.

Supernova said that she still had a
way to go before she could front a band like theirs. Dana agreed, and
admitted that she was just happy that she got to meet the guys in
Supernova. They’re just like her dad, except that they’re not going to
ground her for getting that tattoo.