Week 6: Elimination Show

This week’s Rock Star: Supernova elimination show kicked off
with a recap of the performance show. When I saw Josh perform last
night, I assumed that Tommy Lee had planned to play drums on
“Interstate Love Song,” no matter who picked it. But upon a second
watching, I got the feeling that Josh was singled out, as if the band wanted
to give him a chance to show he could lead them — or at least one of
them — before giving him the boot.

After the
recap, we saw footage of what happened after the performance show. Back
at the mansion, Jill picked a fight with Zayra and Storm for not
demanding to play with Gilby this week. Both Zayra and Storm felt that
their best strategy was picking the best song for them — not just the
right to play with someone from Supernova. It’s a decent argument,
considering performers have been booted for picking the wrong song, but
none have been kicked off for not playing with a member of the band.

and Zayra asked Jill why she didn’t fight to play with Gilby again. She
said she proved something the last time she played with him. Saying
what everyone was thinking, Storm told Jill that Gilby totally ripped
her for her inappropriate actions on stage. Storm then said she was in
no rush to pick a song just because she’d be accompanied by Supernova’s
guitarist: “I know I can play with Gilby, and he knows I can play with

Back at the studio, live, Dave asked Storm how Gilby could
possibly know this without having played with her. Storm backtracked
and confessed that Dave made a good point. She said she hoped that her
history would give Gilby confidence in her ability. Storm then promised
not to hump Gilby onstage, as Jill had, if only because it might “break
your back.”

After making peace with Storm, Gilby announced that
all the contestants who survived elimination would go with Supernova to
Vegas after the show. They’d be going to the Hard Rock Casino to check
out the stage where Supernova — with their new lead singer — will
debut on New Year’s Eve.

Since the band couldn’t decide on just
one encore, Supernova chose two people to sing. Lukas was first up,
reprising “Creep.” Magni got the second encore. After performing “The
Dolphin’s Cry” solo on performance night, Magni changed up his
performance and asked the House Band for backup. He greeted the House
Band, saying, “I missed you guys.” After the song, he high-fived
drummer Nate.

Brooke then named the contestants who’d spent some
time in the bottom three since the performance show. Last night’s early
three, Jill, Patrice, and Zayra, were joined by Josh and Ryan. All were
asked to stand. When Brooke asked Dave if he was surprised by those
standing, he said that many of the same faces keep popping up, so he
wasn’t surprised at all.

Zayra and Ryan looked pissed to be
standing, but Zayra was quickly told to take a seat. Magni had to grab
her and put her on a bench, otherwise she would’ve kept jumping up and
down triumphantly all night.

Jill – “Respect” by Aretha Franklin
was an obvious, awful choice. And there was no way Jill could keep
herself from oversinging it. Paul played harmonica on it, driving the
nails into her coffin. Supernova looked suitably unimpressed, and
Patrice and Ryan each wore and expression that said, “You guys can’t send me home before her.”

Josh – “Shooting Star” by Bad Company
Tommy’s advice, and the will of millions of viewers, Josh elected to
play his guitar again. And again, he stood still as a statue, apart
from his distracting, Phil-esque head waggling. It might be appropriate
for a coffee house, but not for a huge venue. Too bad, since this was
the best he’s sounded — and on a rock song at that.

Ryan – “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode
was surprised to see Ryan in the Bottom Three, but speculated that last
night’s performance confused the audience more than it showed Ryan’s
diversity. He didn’t take any guff for his song choice, but I’m not
sure why Duran Duran (which got Matt booted in Week 1) is less
appropriate than Depeche Mode. Ryan sang more angrily than ever.
Supernova dared not eliminate him for fear for their personal safety.

their deliberations, Gilby admitted that there was disagreement in the
band about who to cut. But there was no disagreement on who to keep. As
expected, Ryan was sent back to the group, leaving Jill and Josh in
front of the firing squad. Tommy said that he was taking the
competition to the next level, and he axed both of them.

thanked the band for the opportunity, although not as succinctly as how
I just wrote it. Josh admitted that he probably wasn’t right for the
band, even though he appreciated the chance to try out. And the
self-promotion from performing on TV didn’t hurt either.