Week 9: Reality Episode

It’s going to take an editing miracle to save Dilana’s reputation after this week’s Rock Star: Supernova Reality Episode.

At the mansion following the Elimination Episode where Dilana’s trash talking was revealed (oh, and Patrice was eliminated), the customary post-show dinner was uncomfortably silent. Storm tried to lighten the mood by toasting “Dilana’s first spanking.”

Dour Dilana wasn’t having it. She grumbled, “I don’t want to toast to it. I feel like everything I say is just taken the wrong way anyway.” Evidently, Dilana rationalized the events of that evening — and what she’d said to trigger those events — so that she, not the friends she’d publicly badmouthed, was the victim.

Ryan, who confessed that he wasn’t actually mad about it, summed up why it was in Dilana’s best interest to keep her negative opinions of others to herself: “What you say about me doesn’t affect me, it affects you.”

But Dilana was on a defensive roll that couldn’t be stopped by a pesky thing like reason, as was evident in an exchange she had with Lukas and Toby:

Dilana: “I was under the impression that it was a clinic, and I didn’t know if I was supposed to speak my mind…”

Lukas: “Life is a constant clinic, man. You shouldn’t change just ’cause it’s a clinic.”

Dilana: “That’s why I didn’t change, because I was being myself. I was being honest.”

Toby: “I don’t know which scares me more: you being honest about what you said, or what made you feel that way in the first place.”

Dilana ignored Toby’s comment, not telling him exactly why she thinks that he’s just along for the ride, and continued defending herself. “I’m just a person with flaws. I’m not perfect. I need to learn to speak without just being so straightforward and honest. I’m 34 years old and this is how I’ve been all my life.” She left the table as she started to cry.

What Dilana seems to be forgetting is that, if she was always speaking the negative things she was thinking, she would have no friends at all. If she’d told Magni in week two or three, “I don’t think you want this badly enough to leave your family in Iceland,” or Toby, “I think you’re just along for the ride,” they’d have no reason to be friends with her. Yet they are.

You earn friends by being nice. Every 34-year-old knows that. Heck, most 8-year-olds know that. It was only when Dilana got caught saying mean things that she resorted to the “I was just being honest” defense — which never works, by the way.

Dilana sat by the pool with Lukas, feeling “weak and vulnerable,” but not sorry. Magni approached her for a hug at the same time as cameras moved in for a closer shot. Dilana noticed the cameras and ran into the mansion, pushing Magni away and smashing a glass on the ground for dramatic effect.

A piece of broken glass bounced up and hit Magni in the forehead, leaving a bloody gash. Undaunted, Dilana stomped through the house, winding up in her bedroom where Storm held her as she wheezed sobs from her smoke-damaged lungs.

Ryan tended to Magni’s injury while the rest of the guys tried to make sense of Dilana’s self-destruction. Lukas wondered, “If you can’t handle the stress of this situation, how can you handle the stress of performing every day, or the stress of holding a band together? I would honestly be thinking about that if I were the band.”

Toby’s thoughts on Dilana were more in line with Dave Navarro’s “What the hell were you thinking?” comment from the elimination episode. “I don’t get it,” Toby said. “She’s had one of the sweetest rides here.”

The following day, the rockers took part in a photoshoot for InStyle magazine. Storm, Toby, and Lukas handled the situation just fine, jumping on couches and posing atop tables as if it were part of their daily routines.

Ryan and Magni had a harder time relaxing in front of the cameras. The photographer futilely tried to get Ryan to smile. And Magni struggled to display his rock prowess when not actually rocking. The photographer told him to scream, and when Magni did, the photographer clarified, “Without screaming.”

Dilana was depressed after the previous evening and wasn’t in a mood to cooperate, initially. When the photographer encouraged her to pose by asking, “Are you a rock star?” Dilana mumbled like a pouty teenager, “I don’t know. I’m trying to be.” Once she was told that she could stand up and do high kicks, Dilana was back to her old self.

Instead of the usual song selection, the rockers learned which songs the fans had voted for them to perform. Everyone got their wild card song, although not everyone was pleased by that. Ryan worried that his falsetto voice wouldn’t hold up for Coldplay’s “Clocks”.

Lukas had trouble working with the House Band on his song: “Lithium” by Nirvana. When they tried his arrangement, drummer Nate said, “It’s very un-Nirvana like.” Lukas revealed, “Well, I don’t like Nirvana.” Bandleader Paul said that he was much more confident rehearsing the song with Dilana earlier in the season, because she actually liked the song.

Speaking of Dilana, she was eager to redeem herself with a good performance of “Mother Mother” by Tracy Bonham. “I’m not a loser. I’m not a quitter. This horrific thing that happened to me is the best thing that could’ve happened to me.”

Were she honest, Dilana would have rephrased the “horrific thing that happened to me” as the “horrific thing that I brought upon myself.” Not once in the reality episode did she say that she was in the wrong, or even that she’d learned anything from all of this. And, from what we were shown, she didn’t even apologize to Magni for injuring him.

For their own sakes, the members of Supernova shouldn’t pick her. They’d have an easier time babysitting a drunk Toby or Lukas than coddling Dilana, who acknowledges having flaws but won’t take responsibility for them or try to fix them.

At this point in their careers, Tommy, Gilby, and Jason should choose someone whose company they can enjoy, who has a level of professionalism on par with their own, and who won’t give them head wounds. Dilana has shown through her own actions — and not just some trick of editing — that she lacks professionalism. And, at 34, it’s unlikely that she’s going to change anytime soon.