Week 9: Performance Show

Tonight’s Rock Star: Supernova Performance Episode was
Dilana’s chance to redeem herself for her poor conduct this past week,
and the producers made sure that viewers knew it.

Brooke Burke
introduced a package of clips from last week, followed by the fallout
at the mansion after the elimination show. A replay of Dilana smashing
the glass into the ground showed broken glass hitting Magni in the
cheek as well as the forehead. As Lukas pointed out, Magni was lucky he
wasn’t hit in the eye.

In the theater, Dave gave Dilana a chance
to explain herself. She said, “I love my friends and I’ll never do
anything to hurt them ever again.” It was nice to see her finally
apologize and admit what she’d done was hurtful.

then announced that tonight is Fan Selection night, as each song had been bpicked for the singers by viewers. Dave encouraged the
contestants: “No Trainwrecks this week.” Fortunately for all of us, his
wish came true.

Lukas – “Lithium” by Nirvana
a pretaped, pre-song interview, Lukas said that he’s a regular guy who
likes video games, basketball, and beer. He just wears more makeup than
other regular guys.

He slowed down the song’s intro, with just
Paul accompanying him on piano, creating a very loungey feel. Paul
played piano throughout the rest of the song and Lukas added a
hesitation before the screaming chorus — a nice variation on the
original grunge version. Very seriously, Dave said, “You took a sacred
Nirvana song and rearranged it? … [pause for effect] … It was
awesome, dude!” Tommy, Gilby, and Jason were all smiles as well.

Magni – “I Alone” by Live
decided he’d need an international PR campaign to avoid the Bottom
Three this week. He urged Australians, Canadians, and Americans to vote
for him because he’s better looking than their representatives (Toby,
Lukas, and Ryan, respectively). He then pleaded for votes, saying, “I
learned your language. C’mon!”

Magni’s singing was
straightforward, but he mixed up his performance by strutting through
the audience and onto Supernova’s stage, where Tommy tried to grab his
butt. Tommy said he wished Magni would’ve continued all the way to the
back of the theater, but Magni pointed out that there’s no lighting
back there, and he wanted to make sure he looked good.

Ryan – “Clocks” by Coldplay
started the song seated at a piano, where he struggled to hit some
early falsetto notes. But he soon kicked over his bench and jumped atop
the piano as the house band kicked in. Vocally, he aimed for something
a little heavier than Chris Martin, screaming the high notes instead of
cooing them, and it worked. After bounding around the stage, Ryan
returned to the piano near the end just so he could crawl back on top
of it.

Dave praised the excitement that Ryan brings to the
stage, and Gilby said he enjoyed the performance. Jason earned a round
of boos from the audience when he told Ryan that he looks uncomfortable
and “loses the plot” when he’s not behind a piano. As he usually is
after Ryan performs, Tommy was silent — which tells you everything you
need to know about Ryan’s chances at winning this thing.

Storm – “Bring Me to Life” by Evanescence
Storm learned that this was her song earlier in the week, she panicked.
Her voice is much lower than the light, high register the song
requires. Like Ryan, she started slowly, her voice wavering as she sang
the opening verse. But once the first chorus hit, Storm could belt the
song out, and her tone added a nice depth and weight to the song. Toby
jumped onstage to offer some backing vocals, and did a good enough job
that he was at risk of stealing the performance.

Dave loved
everything about the song, but Gilby said the performance was
forgettable. Jason said that effort counts for everything, and Storm
brought it.

Toby – “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol
Yell” was a particularly appropriate song for a guy who takes out his
frustration by smashing cake into Ryan’s face and running around naked.
It’s the most Toby song imaginable, and he went all Toby on it,
throwing in one of his typical gimmicks. He dragged several juvenile
girls from the front row onstage, where they jumped and screamed. He
then made sure to hug all of them when the song was finished.

whole thing was a lot of fun, and Toby sang well. It didn’t hurt that
the house band was brilliant. Jim brought out his Flying-V guitar, and
Raphael’s wicked solos would put Billy Idol guitarist Steve “Top Gun
Theme” Stevens to shame. Supernova loved the whole experience.

Dilana – “Mother Mother” by Tracy Bonham
earned some points for bringing out her own her own Flying-V.
Eventually, she dropped the guitar, climbed on an amp, and slung her
leg over bassist Sasha’s shoulder. She sounded very good — apart from
the chorus, when her voice sounded like a car trying to start on a cold
day in winter.

Dave said it was his favorite performance from both season’s of Rock Star,
and Gilby loved it, too. Referring to Dilana’s rough week, Tommy said
that he’s the king of mistakes, and the key for Dilana is not to make
the same ones twice.

Early Bottom Three:

My vote went to Toby, since his performance was the most fun.