Week 9: Elimination Show

After the best Performance Episode of the season, the performances on tonight’s Rock Star: Supernova Elimination Episode had to be great, right? Wrong. And Ryan was finally given a reason for his perpetual frown.

Burke introduced clips from last night’s show, including footage filmed
at the house afterward. The contestants toasted each other’s
performances and talked about the fact that, despite such a good night,
half of them would still end up in the Bottom Three.

Back in the
theater, Dave asked Storm why she’s disappointed that she hasn’t been
in the Bottom Three yet. She said she’s eager to rock any chance she

Then, Dave asked Magni about the InTouch photoshoot
earlier in the week, and Magni said he hated it. As Dave told Magni how
photoshoots are part of the business, Magni interrupted repeatedly.
Finally, Dave said this was his show and joked, “When I said I didn’t
have any influence over the votes, I lied, you son of a bitch!” Magni
waved and said, “Good-bye,” to the crowd.

Supernova then debuted another new song, this time with Lukas at the helm.

Lukas – “It’s On” by Supernova
was by far the best song that they’ve presented thus far, and by that I
mean that it was the least bad. Lukas did a great job, even if I
couldn’t make out a single word he sang. More than Toby or Dilana,
Lukas had enough swagger to seem like a part of the band, and not like
someone trying out for the gig. And he fits right in with fellow
shrimps Gilby and Jason.

As this weeks encore approached, Gilby
spilled the beans on next week’s clinic: he’s going to help each of the
remaining contestants write a new Supernova song. Then he asked Toby to
perform an encore of “Rebel Yell.”

Toby – “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol
changed up his performance by jumping on the contestants mini-stage
before following Tommy’s advice to Magni from the performance show:
heading to the back of the theater to hang out with those fans. Toby
rocked there for a while before hopping on and off of Supernova’s
stage. He sounded about the same as he did in his original performance,
which was good.

Brooke announced the early Bottom Three results
from last night: Ryan, Storm, and Lukas. Toby and Dilana also spent
time in the Bottom Three during the course of voting, and all five contestants were asked to stand. Apparently,
Magni’s international appeal for votes worked, as he was the only one
left sitting. Brooke pointed out that this was the first time in Rock
Star history that it’s been clear who received the most votes.

simple mathematics and the basic premise of the show, Dave said that no
one should’ve been in the bottom after the quality of last night’s
performances. Brooke countered by announcing this week’s Bottom Three.

Ryan – “Baba O’Reilly” by The Who
here to blow your minds right now,” Ryan announced as he took the
stage. And then he did, but not in a good way. He went berserk,
screaming and spraying champagne onto the crowd before Toby stole the
bottle. Ryan wasted a bunch of time climbing a stack of amps, only to
jump off of them, screaming as though he were falling off a cliff. He
unintelligibly and tunelessly screamed the lyrics throughout his fit of

If you like Ryan, this was hilariously great. If not, then this was unbearable. Supernova was not impressed.

Storm – “Helter Skelter” by The Beatles
cheered when her name was announced, joyously hugging Brooke. Storm
followed Ryan’s lead, screaming the entire song instead of singing it.
She tried to start a mosh pit in the audience before climbing onto
Supernova’s stage and sitting on Tommy’s lap. That one act was more
likely to save her than her performance, which was just as bad as

Dilana – “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads
crowd booed as she took the stage, some booing Dilana herself, but most
booing the fact that she was in the bottom three. Tommy said he
couldn’t understand what happened to put her there. Dilana said it was
because she’d screwed up, and then dedicated her song to herself. She
started the song a capella, which worked out brilliantly. But she threw
in some bizarre little vocalizations after each chorus and rearranged
the middle of the song. As a whole, it was a mess, and Jason, Tommy,
and Gilby looked confused.

Zayra may be off the show, but it
seemed like she was back in spirit tonight. Three heretofore solid
performers all stunk on the same night–an elimination night, no less.
The performances were bad enough to make Supernova’s song sound awesome
by comparison.

Gilby told Ryan he was great and has really grown
as a performer, warned Storm that she hasn’t grown enough, and told
Dilana that her performance came out of left field. His compliment to
Ryan was a dead giveaway that Ryan was doomed.

Tommy told Ryan
that he’s come farther than any other contestant in nine weeks, but
that he was out anyway. The crowd booed loud and long, and Storm looked
positively pissed. Dave said that he’s a fan of Ryan’s and that he’s
sorry to see Ryan go.

Ryan thanked Dave for his support, and
then became the bitterman that we know and love. He told Supernova that
they could’ve made twenty years of great music together, and that the
next place they’ll see him is on the Billboard charts as a solo artist.

was stone faced after getting booed by the crowd and spanked by Ryan.
Each week, Tommy’s made it clear that he hates being the one to drop
the axe, but you have to wonder if the crowd reaction made him doubt
Supernova’s decision to boot Ryan.

Or maybe he was just fighting the urge to beat Ryan’s head like a crash cymbal.