Week 10: Reality Episode

With Supernova so close to choosing their lead singer, they tested the remaining Rock Star contestants’ songwriting skills in this week’s reality episode. If Supernova’s choice comes down to lyric writing, Dilana and Magni are in a lot of trouble.

After returning from the elimination show, the rockers toasted Ryan, and then smashed cake and sprayed champagne in each others faces. Everyone jumped into the pool to rinse off, which means they’re not responsible for cleaning the pool.

Then the rockers received a new Supernova song. Each had one day to write a melody and lyrics for the new track, which sounded heavier and less poppy than Supernova’s previous tunes.

Everyone got right to work, but Dilana was stuck after taking so many ego blows recently. Her sub-par performance of “Psycho Killer” in her first trip to the Bottom Three the night before made it even harder to focus on cranking out a new song.

The next day, Gilby Clarke worked separately with each of the contestants on their new songs. Storm was up first. Gilby liked what she’d written all right, but he enjoyed working with her even more. He appreciated not only her professionalism, but also her willingness to just have fun. She described working with Gilby as “laid back and easy.”

Magni confessed to Gilby that he was nervous about his English skills when it came to writing lyrics, but admitted to the camera that “90% of rock n’ roll lyrics have the same vocabulary, the same cliches.” Gilby was disappointed in the lyrics Magni presented and worked on “coloring them up.”

In true slacker style, Lukas wrote only one verse and chorus. Gilby said that, “melodically, it was excellent,” but was irritated that Lukas showed up without having done all of the work he was supposed to. Gilby said that Lukas “feels that this is his to lose,” which is why he’s not putting forth his full effort.

By contrast, Toby’s song was the “most complete,” according to Gilby. He stressed that Supernova wasn’t looking to hire a “puppet,” and he liked the fresh, youthful energy that Toby brought to their music.

Dilana, who’d written a lyrically embarrassing song in an earlier clinic, made the mistake of venting her current personal frustrations through the lyrics of this new Supernova song. Thematically, it dealt with strangers judging you harshly, specifically by voting on the internet. Not exactly a problem most of us can relate to, unless you’re an ugly cat at kittenwar.com.

Gilby said that Dilana’s writing was “a little cliche…I could’ve almost predicted what she was going to say.” When he told her that writing about laptop screens was too literal, Dilana suggested changing the words to “control-alt-delete.” Gilby said that, when it comes to lyrics, “it didn’t seem like she has much of an imagination.”

Dilana admitted to the cameras, “I didn’t realize that the whole songwriting thing was going to be such a big issue. I honestly auditioned for this to be the singer.” Gilby also told the cameras that all successful artists write their own songs, and asked, “If you’re not bringing anything, then what the hell do I need you for?”

At song selection, Dilana and Lukas had a showdown for “Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who. Magni seized the opportunity to goad Lukas into choosing between “Back in the USSR” and “Livin’ on a Prayer.” Since no one wanted anything to do with Bon Jovi, Lukas fell into the trap and said he’d be the one contestant who could make it rock. Within a few seconds, he realized what he’d done and muttered, “I’m screwed.”

In addition to singing one of the posted songs this week, each rocker will also perform an original song. That means that Dilana will perform at least one song she’s familiar with. In rehearsal with the House Band, she admitted that she’d only ever heard the Limp Bizkit cover of “Behind Blue Eyes.” So, she decided to rearrange the song — since the original Who version sounded “too country.” Band leader Paul worried that Dilana was changing the song “from a position of ignorance.”

Dilana’s gamble might still pay off, despite the fact that she changed the words to, “No one knows what it’s like to be the bad girl.” She could be safe, as long as she doesn’t perform this song, too: